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I loved Marion High School! It is made up of a very tight-knit, intimate community with exceptional school spirit and amazing teachers and administrators who's primary mission is to see to it that all students succeed. Though I wish the population was more diverse, I was still satisfied with my time at MHS.
I have enjoyed several aspects of growing up in a small town, but it has its downsides. In a town as small as marion, people get complacent, and when I say people, I mean teachers and coaches. Favorites are picked early on and if you're not one of them, you're screwed. Teachers know that they can get away with the bare minimum, and so that's what they do.
Great small town feel. People are very friendly. Sure there are cliques but I never felt lost or alone whenever I needed help. People graduate move away and move back to this town to settle. I will too.
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It's a great small community. The classrooms have a small teacher to student ratio. Tt he students have an opportunity to be in all clubs, sports, etc. They have a brand new sports complex being built, it's awesome!!! The downside of Marion is that I find it very clickish and political. It is always about who you know.
Marion ISD is a small school and original to the roots. Most of the kids have bee there since kindergarten till the end of graduation and just like their parents they stay living there. It was an okay school but I went here for 6 years and never felt like I fit in because the people who lived their whole lives here weren't open-minded at all. A lot can be changed, they should take academics more serious and give kids with other talents besides sports a chance to flourish. I really wish they had more clubs and the clubs be interactive and actually do meaningful things.
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