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Marion Independent School District Reviews

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MISD is the perfect size, in my opinion. There has been many changes just throughout the 16 years I’ve been a student in the district, but the over all feel for the district still feels very homey and safe.
A wonderful small district! It's always a nice community. Great teachers and atmosphere. Sports are pretty decent. I love that I can take college classes in high school for free and still get college credit. I have some friends that have completed their Gen Ed before they graduated high school and got into college as a sophomore.
My four years at Marion were excellent. All of the teachers and coaches push you to be the best you can be while also providing the opportunities to better yourself.
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The teachers here are great and they are very willing to help you if you have questions. There are multiple times when you can go to get help, and all the staff is there to offer you help if you are struggling with something
I like that they put the Arts as a priority, not just sports. The teachers are excellent and willing to work and help the kids.
Marion was a very good school district. I spent most of my years of school within this district. The teachers do an excellent job and really push students to do more. Sports were always valued very highly. The coaches were all very dedicated to the athletes and the pursuit of not only winning but making better people out of the athletes that they trained. The facilities are getting better, but could still use some work. The school district was always very welcoming and did the best that it could with what it had to offer. I believe the district will continue to grow and get better.
I met lots of good friends and amazing teachers that really made an impact on my life at the high school. However, the school is way too small, and money is used on things that would better service the students elsewhere. You can hardly move during the passing periods, and I think the city favors Linn-Mar over Marion way too much.
Marion High school is great because of its block scheduling. I was able to complete majority of my required classes my Junior year so that I could focus my attention towards college my senior year. The teachers are great and very passionate towards their jobs which makes it a great learning experience
Its a really great school. Teachers, students and staff everyone is friendly. School has innovative credit program, average students from this high school graduate with more than 10 college credits. They have really good academics program. Although there very few or none diversity on the district, and not a lot of open minds. A really quite school compared to normal high school.
Great staff wonderful teachers!
The lunches they provide are too small though my son and others have repeatedly complained they are still hungry after lunch and the price without qualifying for reduced is nearly 3$
I enjoyed the home school program. The academics available made it possible for me to complete a year of college credit by the time I graduated high school and it really helped me achieve my dreams and build a strong foundation for my future.
My daughter has THRIVED at Marion! We chose this district because of the smaller class sizes. Her teachers and administrators got to know her as a person and have encouraged her to do her very best. We have been very pleased with her time at Marion. Special SHOUT OUT to the awesome music department! Show choir holds a lot of special memories for her! I wish that I could give the administration an extra star.
Pay for the teachers could go up, the buildings could be updated. Teachers need to be held to a higher standard, as well as students. Need a separate system for kids who can't be a classroom.
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