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Marion County School District No. 10 Reviews

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Marion high schools academics and student care is the lowest in South Carolina, they do not care about their students and some of the staff aren’t real teachers. Some of the teachers are just babysitters with no teaching degree. I am a senior and should be happy with everything this year but it’s honestly just as bad as my earlier years.
Marion High School was a very great experience. Like all other schools Marion High has had its ups and downs, but most important it is a great environment. I enjoyed all the teachers and staff members. The learning environment was excellent. The only thing I’d like to change about Marion High is their food choices. I understand they’re limited to the amount of food they can serve, but it should not interfere with the choices of food they give. Also, the limited amount of fun we have at Marion High. If Marion High opens up to more ideas from the students to experience more fun then maybe more students would be excited about coming to school and less students would drop out. These are a few things I liked and disliked about Marion High School.
I believe that we're behind in school systems. I feel like we should improve our technology standpoint in education. And we also need more classes in high school that can help us succeed in college and life. Some classes in Marion High School do that. Like JAG, Jobs for American Graduates, teaches you about life and how to prepare for the real world.
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Marion County School district is awesome. I grew up in Marion, Sc & been attending all my school years here. This was the best decision my parents ever made .
Marion High needs to invest more in their students and staff. I had several experiences with teachers leaving in the middle of the semester.
It is very much like the other districts in the county. Underfunded, subpar, inadequate. Graduation rates are terrible and the courses in no way prepare you for college. Have other career plans ready.
I gained the education I needed to move onto a higher level of schooling. The teachers and administrators love to see their students succeed. However, I would like to see the parents and community become more involved which I believe would improve the behavior of students also.
In Marion County School District we inspire each other whether it's us students inspiring one another or our staff memeber and teachers inspiring us. Our school distict family goes out every Friday to a random school and points out a phenomenal student and a teacher that that student thinks he or she deserves to be recognized. i love this school district because it reminds me of one big family. If anyone has any issues they're not afraid to go to each other for help or advice. The only thing that I would change about the district is definitely the cafeteria food . We are Marion County and we are proud of it.
Marion County school district isn't the best but its a great place for education. The teachers are very caring, and generous.
Marion County School District is a small, rural area in which everyone knows everyone. Each Friday Super Attendant Dr. Bethea goes to one of the schools to highlight a phenomenal student and teacher. The district is full of laughter and education. The only thing I think that should change about it is the lack of discipline the students have in the schools. We are and will always be Marion County.
great schools 1995 class of 1996 stand up great ball coach clean safe learning vibe great staff concerned about student graduation great alum support all class reunite 1970 threw 2015 great mass event jointing smaller classes the same venue as larger class great work MARION HIGH
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