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I liked that the school was a close knit community. During hard times, we could usually be there for each other. I loved the support for sports, especially since I played volleyball freshman through senior year. I disliked the criteria taught in some classes because it was not beneficial at all. I think more life skills would be helpful. Many teachers did not seem to care, which is discouraging. I was considered "College and Career Ready" before graduating due to my GPA and ACT score, but I cannot say this school is the reason I am doing well here at EKU.
I attended school from kindergarten-12th grade as a student at marion county public schools. I enjoyed my experience, but wish there was more offered.
My experience at Marion County High School was so much fun. I found it very easy to ask questions about college options and by the end of the school year I know where I’m going to college and I am satisfied as well as comfortable with the decisions that I’ve made. My counselors were very easy to talk to and they were very helpful too. I couldn’t thank them enough for all that they have helped me with.
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I attended Marion County Public Schools from kindergarten all the way up until my senior year. The environment is great; safety and academics were a huge concern and it showed!
I liked some of the teachers, school itself was old, many essential functions didn't work. Lunches were terrible and had the worst superintendent in the state.
They are a small town school, and they do have their problems as any school does. But they truly try to help the students and work toward a better future for them.
Marion County Public School is really just a high school. There is nothing special about it, nor is there anything disgusting . It is a place where you go to get your diploma. The teachers and students vary from the one who care and the ones who do not. Manly the only thing that really matters is sports to most everyone. This is were most of the money ends up and not for academics or for the arts. Still there are good AP available and college credit is offered in person and online.
The school is what you would expect of any generic high school, added in that you can walk up to 1 out of 10 students and get some kind of drug. But the ability to get help when it comes to academics and going to college is really refreshing.
It's not very good. The education isn't the best, tutoring isn't really helpful. not enough special chances.
Marion County High school is a small school. The teachers knows your child name. small classes is good to know who may need extra help. I have always said keep you child into something good like sports or clubs to keep them out of something bad. Marion county has lots for them to do
This is the only school district I have ever been in and while there were sometimes a teacher that wasn't the best the rest of the schools and teachers were good.
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