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Marion County Public Schools Reviews

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Marion county public schools has been an amazing environment for me to grow up in. Can not stress enough some of the AMAZING experiences I have had while also having AMAZING teachers!!!
I wish that Marion County Public Schools would have more of a variety of programs for students to choose from.
I feel like the public school system MCPS has implemented is quite wonderful. I've been attending public schools since I was in kindergarten, and I am now in my senior year. I currently attend West Port High School, which has been such an amazing experience.
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In the Marion County Public School system I have experienced great teachers and administrative staff who have helped me on my journey. I would love to pursue my education farther because of Marion County. At my schools in particular there are always many activitys, clubs and sports we can experience.
Marion county is very small quiet place and good place to take your children to school. Most of the schools have gates around them for the safety of people's kids, so your child will feel very safe and unharmed.
Graduated from there and am getting ready to attend college. I enjoyed my experience at Marion county schools. I feel like it is a good school corporation for other to attend
Some schools are better than others but there is a wide variety of different school and school programs to fit your children. The schools, overall, are nice and provide good educations.
The teachers in Marion county are great, but theirs not a lot of diversity in the area. Theirs an excellent amount of clubs and activates their I was in three or four a week at one point. The elective classes were given less attition so band, art, tech, ect. were given more students and had little to no money.
Marion county public schools are okay. There is some work that needs to be done in certain areas due to the fact, that there is a lot of elderly people and not as many young people.
It’s been a great expierence and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I moved away for about a year and half and moved back to finish my senior year. You learn to appreciate it a lot more.
Marion county public schools is a good school district filled with plenty of possibilities. They have good programs for college such as AP, AICE and IB along with great counselors who help out with getting students on the right track. The only thing I would change is the school environment and inspiration for good grades/ work ethic. The graduation rates are low so it would help if they could be raised.
I like the dual enrollment programs. I'm enrolled at one at my high school, but what I don't like is AP testing and such. I felt like the classes are harder than need be and that the teachers claimed to be hard on the students to 'prepare them for college' when in actuality, the early college classes were quite easy in comparison. I felt like we should be pushing more towards letting students enrolled in early college programs than pushing them into AP classes, because it's easy to pass an entire semester of a course and get credit as opposed to taking a whole year of a course and only getting credit if you passed the end of year exam, which is basically leaving it all to chance.
Most are very dirty, and low on funds. I would like to see more grants and money put into the extra curricular programs. The teachers are mostly solid, however, and try their best to help us with what they have.
In Marion County public schools they have a dress code which I think is awesome because no one can come to school out of dress code and make fun of other people because of their clothes. It also helps by getting prepared to go to a job.
I feel that in a lot of Marion County Schools academics are mainly focused on initially gifted/honors students. In most cases the ¨smart kids" receive more attention and better attitudes from teachers and administrators than "normal kids". The schools themselves are generally good, but that isn't acceptable in any academic situation.
I hasn’t been the worst experience, but i definitely feel like there should be changes in the district. The selection of classes are very poor. We don’t have very many options on what classes we can take making it very hard to be prepared for college. Yes there are a few, but compared to other counties we have close to nothing
Learning experiences inconsistent. Great disciplinary procedures and great educational opportunities. Not much to complain about.
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Not many academics choices. Teachers care about students and help with more than just school. Prepares you for college. They have club days and have many clubs to choose from. Sports teams are great.
The Teachers are great. Many of the campuses look clean most of the time. However. the students can be rowdy.
It's ok its school had a couple of shootings. The school board is making adjustments to keep us safer. They just redid the cafeteria, and it looks good. I am in HOSA club ATCS club and environment club, and they are amazing. At Forest, we have a fantastic library that is very big and has many resources. College readiness could improve significantly I have been doing most of it my self, and it hasn't been going so great.
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