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Marion has teachers that want to teach to and improve every student in the class. To me this is one of the most important things I have come across in my time at Marion High School
Currently i am a high school senior at Marion High School. I only go to the high school its self for 2 class periods. as my teachers try their hardest to keep me informed the administration is poor as that is suppose to be their job. It shouldn't be only up to the teachers, but up to administration, as in the councilors to keep me informed.
“Our diversity is our strength!” Marion is also very strong with giving opportunities for college credit, and I was able to enter college as a sophomore. Other than those things the school is not that great. The school revolves around male sports, whether that be basketball or football. They spend way too much money toward an okay boys basketball team, where that money could go toward other sports(specifically girl sports), the music programs, or even food. They allow students to get by with poor grade and bad behavior just to allow them to compete in these sports. The poverty rate in Marion is very high and the school seems to do nothing to help the students living in poverty. They are just allowed to be picked on and ignored.
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High school at Marion High was not too bad. The educators were great and the students, during the time I attended, were well rounded
I’m currently a senior now at Marion high school. I really admire how many college courses they offer at the school and much effort the teachers put forth to getting the students ready for college. Marion gives so many opportunities to students and help them prepare for a career of their choosing by setting them up with classes that they would need to take during college.
I love the park!! Matter Park is the best park and has the best Views around. It’s a place you can go to study or just to hang out with friends plus it’s very safe.
They offer a lot of college classes and they have very good teachers. Marion Community Schools is one of the most diverse school districts in Indiana. I think that it will help me a lot in college because I will have experience with different kinds of people.
I have had the pleasure to meet the most diverse and interesting set of peers throughout my time in Marion schools. It has made me a more unique individual and helped contribute to personal growth.
Marion is a great school to be in, as it has the best resources and highest amount of AP and DC classes in the area.
The school system need to challenge the students more and show some more initiative in regards to helping the students build confidence, because success comes when one is confident in their abilities.
Marion Communtity Schools have great classes and opputunities. But the students are mean and dont really care. Some teachers care and some do not.
Great athletic departments, teachers care about the students well being. Administration handles situations well as they arise.
I loved how culturally diverse Marion High School was. It made things so much more interesting because no one group of people was really above the rest because there were so many different backgrounds and flavors that came from both all of the students and the teachers. It was also very cool that none of these people felt bounded to the groups that they were already a part of and everyone was always open to meeting new people, and so almost every group tied in with one another somehow. The academics also offered many opportunities for our futures in college in all of the dual credit and advanced placement opportunities being offered.
My overall experience with Marion Community Schools has been nothing less than exemplary. I have been apart of Marion Community Schools for over 12 years and I cannot say one bad thing about this school district. The academics in this school district is incredible. No other school around the district allows its students to graduate with transferable college credits. Marion community schools are known for their outstanding athletics in almost every single sport they have to offer. The amount of clubs and extra curricular activities that Marion Community Schools has to offer is amazing. The teachers and administrators in this community are very involved with their students. This community takes pride in every single one of their students and wants nothing more than to see their bright students strive. Marion Community Schools definitely has a lot of options. I would not want to be apart of such an amazing community other than Marion Community Schools.
I absolutely loved Marion Community Schools. I had several teachers that were a great inspiration to me and continue to encourage me and mentor me in my life as I move on. I graduated high school with a 4.2 GPA and with an Academic Honors and Technical Honors Diploma.
Marion Community Schools is filled with a very diverse group of students which has exposed me to many different people which I liked. I was also provided with many academic opportunities during high school that allowed me to earn free college credits and get a head start before graduating high school.
I go to public school in Marion county at the moment and personally believe that the schools I have gone to so far have been staffed with great teachers and faculty. I have had a number of many different opportunities to study different things that interest me because of the courses they offer which to me have all been very beneficial. The schools are very adaptive and allow the students to choose the classes they want to take as well as the time of day they take them I believe that it is very personally individualized and this alone has had a very big impact in my education. The one down part of my experience so far has have to be the meals that they offer, I understand that there has been a change from fatty foods to much more healthier foods over the past years, but should health mean disgusting I don´t think so.
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