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Marion City Schools has an excellent academic program. They offer a wide variety of academic classes. There is not much diversity among the student body. Some Teachers go above and beyond to help their students. The safety education and training provided to students and staff has increased significantly over the past few years.
I go to Marion Technical College in Ohio which you do not have listed. They are truly the best college I have ever been to. The alumni and the other students really care about everyone feeling welcome and succeeding.
Marion City is a great school with a lot of opportunity. Staff is friendly and wiling to help students. This school district also features the Gear Up program. Their office is located at the high school and they are dedicated to helping students prep for college. The high school also features very nice facilities. We have a new turf field along with large classrooms and a lot of technology access.
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I am very proud to have graduated from this amazing school, nothing to change in my eyes.
When I was in school there were a lot of leadership opportunities. A few examples include: FCCLA, United Service Day & Committee, NHS, ect. Also, the first year we were in the MOAC, the girls bowling team placed first. I am proud to say I was apart of that team. Go Prexies!
I have had a very positive experience at the Marion City Schools. I have played a variety of sports and have been involved in different music programs as well. The high school guidance counselors have been great to work with during my senior year. Our Gear Up program has been very beneficial to helping me apply for colleges and filling out the FAFSA. I have gone to school with a diverse group of people and feel like I will be ready for college.
My experience in the Marion city schools program was great. The academics were remarkable. They offered a diverse amount of classes that a typical school would employ. The athletics were a lot of fun. The community cared a lot about the students which really helped the district be successful in every aspect.
I enjoyed going to high school at Harding, it helped prepare me for who I would become. It does, however, have some problems like pushing AP courses above post-secondary dual enrollment opportunities with the branch campus of Ohio State. I felt those would have prepared me better than AP courses.
The Marion City School District is not what our neighboring school districts may believe. I am now a senior at Marion Harding, making this my 12th year with the school district. We've recently been honored to have Mr. Stephen Fujii as our new superintendent. Steve was the former Director of College and Career Success but has recently moved up. Mr. Fujii seems to be educated and highly qualified to help lead us. Another improvement to the school district, specifically the high school is the new administration team. Since I first began attending Harding in 2014, we have had a new set of principals. All four principals and our student resource officer are familiar with many of the students, creating a positive, family-like environment in our high school. For them, we are grateful.
The Marion City Schools' student body shows a lot of pride for their school and many care about their peers, but it is difficult for students to make an impact when the administration they really relate to and build a relationship with leaves after a year or two.
the academics that the school offers are very nice. how they teach is fantastic mostly. can be pretty strict at times with things that shouldn't be.
Overall, the Marion City School District has a multitude of opportunities to offer students. There are rigorous gifted classes, as well as college courses, and music/art/sports programs that give the district an edge. The only aspect of the Marion City School district that I would like to see changed, is the culture of the schools. School pride is not a priority, which directly affects the morale of the students. With a little administration push, school pride and culture could be improved.
I have been in the Marion Schools District my whole education career, and it has not been awful. I have been given the opportunities that have helped me make the decision to get out of Marion.
I appreciate the helpful opportunities the teachers and administration have offered to the students and myself here as Marion City Schools attendee.
They are currently changing a lot about the way the teaching is geared. It's less "teach you the basics you need to know for college" and more "we're offering college classes so take them without the background." They're trying to graduate all students with an associates degree but the students don't really have knowledge.
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