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Most of the staff and students are so kind. It’s a small school, so everyone knows everyone. We’re really all one big family.
Marion Center School District has became a huge joke for my senior year. All the teachers yell at you for the littlest things, even if you are walking down the hall you get yelled at for walking the wrong way. The teachers are no longer helpful, but complain because you are failing their class. They have you some what ready for college if you take AP classes. The food is gross. It looks like it has been sitting out for years after years. It taste awful and I have had to pack my lunch for the past 5 years. The sports are full of drama and I can longer play the sports without it being miserable.
I like the teachers. Don't like that there is lead in the water, or that there is no air conditioning.
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Marion center school was connected with the Indiana County Technology Center so I had my core studies at Marion Center and my technical skills from ICTC. I enjoyed attending high school thete, although there is not too much diversity amongst the student body. It took some time to get used to all the different nationalities, religious beliefs and just family backgrounds once I attended college due to not being around that at Marion Center.
It's not a great school. There's no diversity, it feels very closed-minded, all of its funding goes into sports instead of education, and it the education that is provided feels very base and doesn't prepare you for college much. However, I feel like there are a lot of great teachers in the district, they just don't get much support from the administration.
I go to a technical school for half the day. While I am there, a lot goes on at the school that we do not get a chance to participate or even know about.
It isn't a bad school, whatsoever. It has it's bad moments and good ones too. Some teachers are just completely awful people and take their power of being a teacher way too far. But other teachers are great and really help you with, honestly, anything. It's your average high school with crap people, misbehaving students, some awful teachers and some great.
I like the academics that Marion Center provides and the resources that are available to students who need extra help. Star period provides time for students to go to teachers and ask questions to further their understanding on a subject. As a student at Marion Center High School this has helped me in many ways throughout the year. The teachers are always very easy to go to and reCleve help from. The one thing that could be helpful for students if changed is the policy around star period. Students with a D or lower cannot leave a star period or study hall unless going to the class that they have the low grade in. This can prevent students from being able to get help in other classes they may be struggling in as well.
My experience at Marion Center High School has been very good. I like the fact that it is not a big school so the teachers are able to give you the help that you may need. The only down fall to Marion Center High School for myself is that they do not have very many business courses available.
Okay school. Teachers are for the most part pretty great, most teach well, various topics covered in many subjects, great elective selection. Bad food, seems to be a bit of a bias against some types of people joining some types of clubs or sports. Tons of bullying. No downtime, study halls don't allow for any relaxation or freedom. Lunch very short and restricted. Safe though. Overall, not terrible, but not good by any means.
Marion Center is your standard small rural school district. It suffers from problems with funding, which greatly affects the quality and amount of programs that are offered to students. However, most of the faculty of Marion Center care deeply about what they do, and they work very well with what they have access to. Overall, it balances out to be an alright place for your children to attend school.
Its a small, rural school. There are a few minor issues, but overall it is a good school, with some great programs.
Our School has a lot to choose from for elective courses from arts to business to Agriculture to ROTC. There is a lot of variety for just about anyone. I would love to see some changes made to the cafeteria food. The food is very small portions and it not very well liked by the majority of the student body. Some big changes need to be made there.
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