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Marion C. Early R-V School District Reviews

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Marion C. Early is great place to learn! I've attended Marion C Early from 5th grade, and the facility and students made a easy and smooth transfer from classes. I was part of a few clubs and each member was my friend. This school yet small, it was the best school I've went to.
The atmosphere is amazing, it is a small school but everyone makes you feel so welcome. The administration is very kind and helpful.
Marion C. Early is a small High school in Morrisville, Missouri. I am a senior this year graduating in may of 2020. My class has 30 students and I'm glad to say that we are all super close and supportive of each other. It's been my home for a long time. The teachers and staff care about all of their students. I love how outgoing our teachers are when it comes to preparing us for our future. I can go to any of them for help and I know I'll receive the best advice. I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing and supportive community. I know every other student would say the same thing.
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Great small school with helpful teachers and a great atmosphere most of the time. Teachers really want to help their students succeed. I've gone to MCE since preschool and had some great adventures. I've played basketball and baseball most of my life in school as well.
I love the teachers but there is little diversity and very little attention and respect for the music and arts department.
Marion C. Early is a place where you feel safe to leave your children. You don't have to worry about them all day because you know they are in the hands of amazing staff. Students are pushed to do their best everyday, and it is a place where they are allowed to grow and develop. I attended Marion C. Early my whole school career, as did my parent, and my children will be attending here as well.
Great School overall. But I personally would never make my kids endure the mostly horrible staff. They are very inconsiderate and each teacher picks noticeable favorite. You are only treated fairly by certain teachers if you are in a sport. the administration is extremely closed minded and will allow people to pray to God in school, but if you represent any other religion they tell you it is inappropriate for school.
The school is average, it doesn't have any outstanding strengths yet no significant weaknesses either. It has a friendly overall environment , higher than average staff to student ratio (which is typical in small schools), lack in learning technologies compared to other schools, amicable teachers, and a slightly remote location.
This school has plenty to offer for its size. With graduating classes around 50 every year, this is still a very successful and competitive school. I have enjoyed my 13 years here.
There is nothing I would personally change about my high school experience with Marion C. Early. The teachers are amazing and they are the ones who influenced me and why me experience was so great. I am the person I am today because of my school, and I thank them for that.
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