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administration does not care for its students. when the school handles bullying, they focus on punishing and not educating and providing an environment to grow. everything here is a popularity contest; nothing is based on merits. you could get into Harvard and the school would be silent, but if you are the quarterback who helps the school win one football game (for once) you are the city hero. the education is awful. the culture is worse.
The Marinette School District staff is always looking for ways to help students. They make this school feel safe and fun to attend. There’s always a happy atmosphere, and always a smiling face to turn to.
This school is very inclusive with students, parents, and the surrounding community. It's really based around sports and academic achievement. Teachers really care about you success and want to help you out if you ask them for it. Definitely would recommend this school for anyone looking for a new high school.
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Marinette has given many amazing opportunities. Dual credit college classes and other college options have been extremely beneficial.
The best district in the area. Excellent academics where students excel. Overall comprehensive approach to student education.
It has a decent education. One thing that is great is the amount of college-level classes that are offered. The connection with the local college is great for students looking to further their education.
I loved it here. I felt like it helped shape me into the person I am today. I am a proud Marinette Marine Alum!
Make sure the students are college ready. Inform them of events in advance so they may prepare for them.
It was a nice school as far as I'm concerned. I was only there for two years of my high school career but I received all the support I needed and that was nice.
The location, staff, and facilities are wonderful. I would like to see a greater connection made between the middle school students and high school students, as they are in separate buildings in different locations. I think being more unified as one school district despite various locations would be beneficial for all.
I enjoyed the involvement of students in the music department. I enjoyed the teachers who really connect with their students. Some teachers weren't so great, and more funding should be put into music.
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