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I like Marietta City Schools, they give children many opportunities to be great. Students are aware of these programs and opportunities so it is up to the students to want to better themselves. Teachers are always there to help so no one gets left behind
Living in the Marietta City School District my whole life I can say that it has changed for the best and for the worst. I am the youngest, my oldest sibling being almost thirty and having also attended school in the district can say a lot about what I've experienced. Schools have gotten much better in the academic department. As well as the security department and having better protocols for weather and other disasters.
MCS has something for everyone. Tour the school... talk to the teachers, parents, and students. You will not be disappointed.
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Marietta High School was an extremly great school. I would reccommend any student to go there. The teachers was great including the administrators. Marietta High School do care about every single student educxation and wants the best for everyone future.
I liked the school when I went there it opened me up to very different experiences...such as the people and things that went on at the school
Marietta City Schools is generally a very well put together school. One thing that could be fixed is administration being to actually understand the students’ concerns.
The teachers are caring and the expectation to succeed is high. The classes are not easy, but that is good because those challenges help us grow as students. My favorite part of MHS is the breakfast cart because it provides snacks even after breakfast so kids don't go hungry throughout the day as often. If I could change anything it would be the students' enthusiasm to learn, because it is a little low, and with such great opportunities we should have no excuse.
With many great STEM and early learning programs Marietta City Schools has great promise as a system if only they could get out from under the thumb of local politics and system greed. With all of their technical training being available, one would think they have every student's best at heart, however the lust for funding inside the High School's IB program has led many astray and has actually cut 90 percent of the AP classes out that would have better benefited the students.
I love the IB program that has a feeder system into the middle school and elementary schools so students can know going into high school what kind of coursework they want to take. Once you get to high school, the IB program, and all the other classes, are taught well by great teachers. There's a pathway for anyone.
I love Marietta they welcome everyone in with open arms the schools are fantastic .Such a great environment to send your students to school in.
I have been in the MCS system from 4th-11th grade now. From my point of view, originally being on their magnet track, I have seen that the focus is mainly put on the students who have the drive and want to excel. Meanwhile, the students who do not, are not pushed after 8th grade for the most part. This separation is mostly allowed due to the plethora of AP and IB classes. On the positive, those who do go into IB and advanced classes who want to be there are pushed to work hard and are very well prepared for college.
My experience was an okay experience for me I would love for them to make things a little easier for the students by giving them the curriculum that they will need to succeed in life and not just throw them into classes. I am in college for the first time and it honestly has been the worst few weeks ever for me. There is absolutely no time management and they never respond back to you when you have concerns and then they feel discouraged.
I love my school!! We show pride and help each other push to the next step in life. Classes are fun and help you focus on your goals and future career in life. The classes challenge you to do the best you in can even in the gym classes. Marietta is a family type of school.
This school shows lots of support to the seniors and pushes them to get ready for college. The activities are exciting and everyone is welcome.
Great schools. Have lots of magnet programs in there. There is a lot of smart children there that like to have lots of fun. I really enjoy being in this area because I make lots of friends here.
I was welcomed to Marietta High by a great big bunch of people. They helped me get acclimated to a new school. I did not want to move there at first but when I graduated i knew i was going to miss the school.
This schools system is really great and provides students with a lot of academic opportunities. They do a great job of trying to prepare students for life after school.
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Well I only went for a semester before I did duel enrollment but overall it was average I found schools in the Gwinnett district more difficult and prepare better for college.
As much I'd like to deny it, MHS has been a home to me. But with the often diluted representation of race relations combined with the lack of student advocacy, I can't say it's a home I'm entirely proud of. I believe it can be better though, and I wish that it does.
Marietta City schools is a great school district to send yout child to. They have all types of activities to join, high diversity, and resources that are big help to the community.
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