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The only thing I think that desperately needs changed is the facilities, there are buckets everywhere collecting rain water. And various district schools have been flooded repeatedly.
I really enjoyed spending high school with the friends that I made. I was very involved with clubs and sports, which also kept me busy. However, bullying started to become an issue in our school. I would really like to see that change, so students feel welcomed and actually want to come to school.
Marietta has dedicated teachers but the atmosphere is not conducive to the changing times. The school is in ways stuck in the past. The technology and teaching are out of date. The teachers are great and care about getting students ready for college.
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I graduated from Marietta High School in 2017 and had a very good experience. I enjoyed my time there.
Marietta offers great academic courses. The teachers work well with the students. I played two sports and both were great experiences. I transferred to Marietta my freshman year and had no issue adjusting. There are lots of clubs that are offered.
This school has hope. They’ve been slowly but surely cleaning up their act. Some kids slip between the cracks, whereas some excel. Same scenario with teachers. Cleanliness could be improved, and admin should be willing to fix more things. Funds could be allocated more wisely.
My experience as a student of MHS was horrendous. The school's administration & staff favor athletics & spending money on needless guest speakers instead of academics. Our administration has decided in the past year to add a ninth period & start school earlier; however, the ninth period is empty & will be unused for the rest of the year. We also have a number of teachers who refuse to work with each other, often breaking into arguments in after school meetings. Also, in my high school career, MHS has had five teachers arrested & another that is being forced to leave next year due to copyright infringement. The MHS student body has lost faith in its staff, similar to the fact that the staff has lost faith in our principal. Despite this, MHS has a few teachers that save the school from collapsing under the weight of its mounting scandals. These few teachers, along with an even smaller number of students, save the school from shutting down from its heavy decline in the past decade.
Marietta City Schools has been a good system for our children. However, facilities are badly lacking in technology and comfort items such as air conditioning.
I have attended schools in this district from kindergarten to now and I graduate in May. I have had a great opportunity here with the College Credit Plus program to attend classes for both high school and college credit at the local community college and the high school itself offers college credit level classes.
Marietta City School District is not the greatest. It needs some work for sure. They should care more about the student's success in their future than trying to just make every student feel equal.
They do nothing about bullying. So far 4 teachers last year were arrested for PDA with students. What's more to say
I would like them to have better clubs for the students and i actually hope they fix the bullying in the school like i wish the teachers would stop tryna be the student and teach
shops and hands on is good but the staff just suck they dont care if you exsell in school or not they just want to make there money isa just like they dont care the FFA program/shop is the only class that i see that the teacher relley care about the students
I would like to see this school district be much more open-minded. The administration in this district is horrible. The superintendent and high school principal have both been on many occasions very unprofessional, disrespectful, and unhelpful. Some of the teachers in which I or my family members have had first hand in class have been so unqualified to teach their subject that no student learned anything all year for them. I have seen four teachers in our district be arrested in the last three years. Serious issues of harassment from teachers and other students, racist or sexist harassment from students, and serious endangerment of the students has been brushed over and over-looked. The one star is due to the few staff member that defy the things that are wrong with this small-minded, poorly managed school district. We have fantastic guidance councilors, two well-educated math teachers, and one very intelligent English teacher.
It's a great school. However, it is not very organized when it comes to hosting big events. All the teachers care about the students.
Lots of different opportunities. Dual enrollment classes, College Credit Plus, etc. Lots of spirit towards sports. A great marching band, and an outstanding music/choir department.
I was never comfortable with other teachers and other students due to bullying and problems with anxiety. The music department has brought me peace at mind, and I am grateful that my schedule throughout my senior year has aloud me to spend time with the people I love, do the things I adore, and achieve goals I never dreamed I would. I love my choir director, and more people need music in their life.
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Some really great teachers who care about their students, and their success. There are a few teachers who have lost their love for teaching, or might have never had it. There are not as many opportunities for students as in extra curriculars, but there are a few. They have a lot of college visit days, which is nice. Very safe school, but not a lot of diversity!
I loved the easy to apply scholarships. Niche helps you throughout the whole process and makes the difficulties of applying for scholarships quite simple. I was very thankful to come across this website and for those of you who do not use it I highly recommend it. There is nothing personally that I would change about the website, I find it easy to use and very helpful.
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