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Mariemont City Schools Reviews

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I like that the education I receive from Mariemont is amazing. I would like to see the teachers be more helpful when it comes to being confused.
this school really helps people to get ready for their futures and they never fail to get to every single student, no matter how hard.
Great teachers and learning experience, but the high school is falling apart. Prepares you very well for college, making the application process very easy also.
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College Prep school readies you for college, technology advanced high school with latest greatest technology
I love it! I moved here in junior high and loved it ever since! I've had an overall great experience with Mariemont City Schools. I know everyone in my class, we are all friends. I love going to the games and cheering on the warriors! I would recommend Mariemont to anyone.
Mariemont City Schools offers a great balance of strong academics, a diverse music program, your pick of clubs and organizations, and a competitive sports program. Come visit Mariemont. It's a Village to call home.
Mariemont City Schools offers a rigorous, collaborative, well-rounded environment. Mandatory classes and electives are offered in addition to exploratory studies that match your personal and possible professional interests.
MARIEMONT ROCKS -- everyone is really nice and it's always easy to find a solid group of people to have fun with. Teachers are so nice and involved too!!
Mariemont is a great school in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is one of the best public schools in the city and really does everything it can so that their students can pursue their future goals. The students are very close although it does get a little cliquey. Most of the students are white and it is not very diverse, however, everyone is very welcoming. The academic departments and the teachers are very good. Hard to learn more than at Mariemont. Great sports and extra curricular as well... Very easy to get involved!
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