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I liked that there were many opportunities to get into clubs and activities around school and that everyone has equal chances to getting into them. But there is also how the school cares more about the sports then they do about the arts. The school could be great if they payed more attention to clubs and the arts so more students could be involved and know more about the activities that the school brings.
I love going to Glendale Community College. They have amazing facilities, great teachers, and great admin. I took a college readiness course. and it was done well. I am not into sports or STEM, but what I have been involved in at my school has been very good. I needed to go to community college to help me better afford college in general, and that is why I am applying to scholarships, including this one. I want to transfer to ASU’s Tempe campus soon, and get a BA in English (Creative Writing) so I can become a book editor.
I love Maricopa, it really feels like a community and you receive personal guidance from your teachers and admin. It is still growing and adding programs and opportunities and I'm sure it'll be a 5 star experience in no time!
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I have found some amazing people to connect with that really want me to succeed. I have great teachers who make it a priority to be available for their students, and keep their office open for questions. The tutoring at my school is wonderful, and I have found several tutors that I connect with. There is hardly anything I haven't been able to find or get directed to.
My experience in the Maricopa District was very interesting. I'm grateful that I have been given a second chance but I was very concerned about the curriculum.
Gateway Community College is great because everything is so easy to find. There are so many programs and extra curricular activities to get involved in as well. For me personally the Advisors are amazing at Gateway. They helped me get to Orientation and started with my classes. I am now registered ahead of time and am ready to learn! Personally I couldn't have done it without the staff. They are all so proficient with their roles at the college. To me, that shows that the district knows what they are doing and I appreciate that.
Overall my experience with the Maricopa unified school district is great. My college, Rio Salado, is a wonderful flexible option for students. I love my teachers and all of my classes.
The best part about Maricopa Unified School District was the teachers. Many of the teachers I had between 8th and 12th grade changed my life for the better. There were certain things that were not great, but they were few and far between. Overall it was a great school district to go to school in.
Maricopa Unified School District is very easy to get involved in which is a plus but it lacks the tactics needed to prepare students to transfer over to a four-year university. There are many exceptional professors along with a handful of lazy professors who clearly do not enjoy their job nor care about their students. There are many options for clubs which is nice for those seeking involvement and overall stands for positivity and service. This is a good school district but I fell as if it has not truly helped me prepare for my future at a four-year university. The work is very simple and easy to breeze through instead of challenging the student's abilities.
Maricopa has great teachers and students but is poorly funded. Sports are very good and overall the school is a fun environment that is community based. Lots of fun activities including sport games, school dances, parades and other community events are offered at Maricopa High school. There are also many clubs including D.E.C.A that are very resourceful to life further then high school. There is also an amazing Dance program and cheer program that is very successful. I encourage anyone that lives in Maricopa to attend this highschool!!
In maricopa high school there are lots of clubs and college courses that help you prepare for college and get college credit the , security are strict and useful and thw teachers are good
The district has improved in the years that I've been in school. However, policies changed every single year, with no constant administration and many teachers leaving and an overflow of classrooms with not enough resources. The teachers that do work deserve much more than they are currently receiving. Even with all this in mind, though, I do believe that the district is on better track and has the finances and the resources to really change the education in Maricopa.
Overall i absolutely love my school district and how connected everything is. The only change i would like is to have more informed advisers. Every time i go to an adviser i get a different answer on the same questions i ask. Makes it very hard to get into right classes/degree.
This district is cheating are students of a proper education. Your child will not learn. They will not be required to turn assignments in to pass. Your child will pass with b and c average if you move to this district even if they can’t pass any tests. The structure put in place is to make sure the district shows good grades for each student. I have 7th and 8th grade work that would shock any parent.
There are some great teachers. The sports teams are pretty good. The arts would be able to thrive if the school funded them at all. All of the district's money goes to sports. There also is a lack of teachers in the district, causing schools to hire unqualified teachers out of desperation. Other than that, however, MUSD is a decent district.
Specifically, at Chandler-Gilbert Community College I have felt complete support from professors and students. At this school the professors take the time to make sure their students understand the material being taught. The campus has a wide variety of clubs and sports to be a part of. The campus is organized and well kept.
Recently graduated high school in 2017 a little nervous about college but once i arrived at Phoenix College all the nervousness went away. I am currently becoming an engineer and the teachers for all your prerequisites really want you to help you and prepare you for the next level at the university. Not many colleges can say that they have the teachers and counselors that actually care about how the student is doing, what can we do to help you, or just have that close connection with the student. Most colleges have teachers who aren't really concerned about if the student learns or struggling. Coming here was definitely a smart decision to come here because I know that once I transfer i will continue to have the support from the close relationships I have built with my teachers and I will have the confidence that they have done everything in their power to prepare me for the next level.
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It's a great area to learn and the Maricopa Unified District should allow DACA students to give the right to pay In state tuition.
I loved every minute of my experience. School is truly what you make of it, and I believe I made the best of it and more. Maricopa has given me all the tools and opportunities to succeed in life, especially with one of the best CTE programs in the state. CTE is what I would personally say Maricopa excels at the most. From their culinary program that consistently sends students to national competitions, to their DECA CTSO and marketing program that ranks among the top in Arizona.
I liked that the school really aloud a lot of help when choosing collages, but would have like some of the requirement for graduation to be more clear and not just what every whatever teacher deiced we where graded on.
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