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I loved being in sports and having my friends in such a small town. The school was more focused on having fun with sports then just treating you like a means to gain awards. Yet still pushing you to be better. The academic part was good and wasn't to rigorous that you needed constant help but good enough to the point you were ready for college. With the small size of the town it helped bring the community together more
Margaretta gave me a chance to grow as a person and help my education flourish. Margaretta offers multiple club organizations. Margaretta gave me the opportunity to meet new people and help the community. Margaretta offers college credit plus classes which helped prepare me for college. Margaretta is a small close knit community where everyone knows each other. Margaretta gave me this opportunity to play in front of a sold out crowd. As well as being supportive through sports, our community is very supportive out of academic achievements as well. Students are Margaretta are given the opportunity to grow as a person as well as through their education. We are able to get a jump start into college and we are well prepared for real life.
My experience at Margaretta High School has flown by, they really do mean it when they say "high school doesn't last forever". The teachers there do a poor job at expanding out to everyone and teaching in different styles so students are able learn that subject. There are many teachers that do well in that school, but not all. They have gone through administration very rapidly throughout the last couple of years, making it hard on the students to adjust accordingly. Due to the school being located in a small village, most of our numbers come from open enrolled students. The diversity level is horrible. One good thing is if your parents want to get involved with after school activities the coaches or advisors let them. After coming to this school the beginning of seventh grade, I noticed it matters who you know and who your parents know. This school has nice qualities, the food is decent, equipment is operable, and if you do make a connection with a teacher it lasts!
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Margaretta is a wonderful school district to grow up in. Everyone gets to get one another and truly cares about your growth and success.
I would say I had a good experience at Margaretta High school. It's a very small school district, everyone knows everyone. Margaretta is pretty laid back, I don't dread going to school everyday. All of the teachers are pretty nice and know how to work with you.
I like margaretta but there was favoritism for some students. Sports were more important than academics. Some of the teachers are just there for a paycheck but some teachers care about the students as people
Slowly the administration is changing for the better, especially now, the staff truly care about the students and education. But still a lazy counselor has prevented many students from great opportunities, just how my application to my first choice school was turned in over a month late.
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