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Marcus Whitman Central School District Reviews

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This school is the horrible
-most teachers dont do anything
-no internet
-kids are all crazy
-if you have mental problems you can do anything
-only normal people get in trouble
It is a small enough school where everyone knows everyone, no one is just a number. My classes over the years have fewer than 10 students per class, so everyone gets a lot of individual attention from teachers.
The teachers are great!!! They take the time to get to know each student personally and make learning more enjoyable. The students are all really kind and accepting. It's easy to make good friends. For being such a small school it offers a lot. The only thing that I would change is that they would offer volley ball as a sport😁
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The faculty of Marcus Whitman is extremely dedicated and personal. The district is known for its unusual academic success, despite its size. More and more families are choosing this district because of its success rate and the statistics supporting it. Personally, I found that I was well prepared for college and had a strong support system behind me.
Marcus Whitman is the perfect small school. It is tight knit, everyone knows almost everyone, but it also doesn't have the suffocating feeling that some small schools can have. During 6th grade I was fortunate enough to attend the ECO program. ECO is a "flipped" classroom. They focus more on hands on learning and taking children outside to the outdoors to learn and experience things rather than learn from books and lectures. 6th grade was my favorite year, I meet my long term friends here. 7th and 8th grade were just as good. The teachers are all very personable, catering to your needs for learning no matter what they may be. I was someone who didn't like learning, my middle school teachers taught me to love learning and even be excited for it every day! Marcus Whitman is really a great school if you want teachers who care and students who are kind and caring.
Marcus Whitman is a pretty average school. There are some great teachers that are always willing to help. There are a few AP and Gemini classes that are offered, although there aren't as many class choices available as I wished, granted that MW is a very small school so it's understandable. I also heard they have added a few more science classes which is nice. The clubs and activities are in my opinion, the best thing about Marcus Whitman. There are so many great programs such as field band, drama club, art club, track, just about every sport other than volleyball, and other clubs for whatever other interests a student could have. The heads of these programs are generally very passionate and enthusiastic about their club/activity and as a result the programs are pretty successful, from award winning musicals, a championship winning field band, and many successful sports teams. The cafeteria food is generally pretty eh, but isn't all high school cafeteria food?
I love the size of the school district. Everyone is close enough that you feel like it is one family. They offer great class options in the high school and have been having good sport seasons lately. We are a small school though so their aren't as many options as to say Canandaigua.
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