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Marcellus Central School District Reviews

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Marcellus is a great school! Most teachers are supportive and are there to help you. Our high school facilities have recently been updated.
I liked how small the school was so everyone knew each other and the teachers knew all the students. Because of this, there was more specialized attention on the students. The sports were also pretty good at this school. I ran throughout high school and it was probably my best high school experience because of how great the team was. However, there are a few teachers at this school that aren't very encouraging towards students.
This school is composed of interconnected students and faculty. The vitality of the staff inspires the kids to achieve their best and prove themselves to their teachers and each other. I feel that the integrity of the school really prepares you for a college experience and that the academic focus is what really sets this school apart from those around it.
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Seems like most people in that district are ignorant and boring. Not a very welcoming environment. The diversity is very poor, and not just racially, but ethnically too.
Marcellus has mostly impacted me through its impeccable music and preformance program. The band and choir teachers in the High school are very overqualified and have taught me so much about music and myself. For that I am grateful.
I was underprepared for a higher education and was an unsafe environment which did not protect me in a severe situation of sexual assault.
Marcellus schools are located in a small village. The schools are all on one campus. It is safe and secure. It’s a close community of students. Overall my educational experience at Marcellus schools was solid.
Marcellus provides a well rounded education all while preparing you for college. There are plenty of extracurricular activities and a wide range of sports. Not only do they give a high rated education but, our sports are very competitive and do very well
Marcellus is a great school district with amazing teachers that teach for the benefit of each student. They are always willing to give extra help to those that need it and challenge those that don't. In addition, the classes, overall, are rigorous and are meant to pull out the very best from the students. The teachers will not settle for mediocre performances. The best program has to be the music program. The high school band teacher knows what he expects from the students and though he is tough, he teaches those in band to deal with criticism and become better for it. The only thing I would change about the school is the diversity aspect. However, this is very difficult as Marcellus is a very small town with similar demographics.
A commendable school district. The community is strong and can definitely be described as an, "everyone knows everyone" place. That being said, gossip spreads through administration, students, and parents. It is easy to get caught up in all the drama. On the bright side, the school is very supportive toward students going trough a rough patch. The teachers care a lot about their students academically and personally. As a former student, I always felt welcome and cared for. I will mention, some students may come off as ignorant and close minded but, the school does its best to shut down bullying. When it comes to academics Marcellus tries to offer all they can for a smaller school. There is a good amount of ap classes, and electives. It could definitely be improved on but each year there seams to be one or two new classes. Overall, I have no regrets in my experience at Marcellus and I hope to see the school moving in the positive direction it is currently heading.
I like this school because the size is just right. You have a large enough class so that you can have multiple types of friend groups. Yet, a small enough class size to know everyone and have a close knit relationship even from one grade to another. Also, the small size allows for great teacher contact, and teachers are always willing and ready to help.
This school has amazing teachers and an experience that is like no other. I loved the small community that was built over my 12 years. With this school it's very easy and accessible to be close with your teachers and succeed completely. Marcellus is a home, a community and a great place to learn. The academics were very rigorous and i believe I am beyond ready for the college experience.
Marcellus has small class sizes which helped me excel academically throughout the years. I also enjoyed the fact that everyone knew each other because it is such a small town. Since the school district has been around for so long the building is very outdated. One thing I would change would be an upgrade on the building and more modern classroom.
Marcellus High School is a school where students and teachers enjoy learning and teaching. It's a welcoming school, great sport teams, and amazing teachers. Marcellus makes it easy to learn and helps every student be successful.
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