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Marblehead high is a great learning environment.Teachers are eager and willing to go above and beyond to help students succeed. The athletics dept. is wonderful with many opportunities to get involved in high school team sports. Team sports are great for leaning how to work with others for a common goal. The art department is amazing and allows students to major senior year in the arts program so they student have an excellent portfolio to show colleges.
I went to an exclusive highly academic boarding school for two years. The education I received at Marblehead High better prepared me than the prep school. I left the prep school because I realized that my parents were spending money and I was not getting a better education. The teachers at MHS are terrific overall. They understand students and are extremely helpful.
Something I really enjoyed about Marblehead Schools was the sense of community and closeness between students and students as well as the students and faculty members. The teachers are dedicated to the students and genuinely care about them. The students are kind and welcoming to each other.
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Marblehead is a great place to grow up. A beautiful town that offers great public education along with safety and a sense of town-camaraderie that is truly hard to beat.
What I like about Marblehead High School is that the staff is very welcoming and nice to students. What I would like to see change is improving the facilities in the school.
The Marblehead public school system is one of the best in the state. Teachers are well informed and use a variety of skills to educate the students. The education at the public school is extremely comparable and in some cases better than education received from private schools in the area. Many elective choices, class levels, and options are given to students, which allows for a sense of independence when creating class schedules.
This is very good, small town school. It prepares you well for college, but lacks diversity. When I started at MHS, I already had a friend group but I saw how the new kids found it hard fitting in. The best way to get to know people at MHS is to get involved in sports or clubs. Since the town is very small, you wil see those people all the time. The teachers range from one of the best and most helpful people you'll ever meet to complete basket cases.
I love Marblehead High School and all of the students in it however I wish the building would be cleaner.
The faculty is great and academics are challenging, but in a great way! With their curriculum, Marblehead high school really preps you for college work. The athletics are very good and we usually are top in our district, sometimes even state. Diversity isn't great, but they are working on it and are open to accepting everyone. The facilities are a bit drab and outdated.
The teachers are excellent and want you to learn. The course load is rigorous and exciting. The classes WILL prepare you for your future. When students put work into their studies, the results are great. The school also has many amazing extracurricular including athletics and the arts.
I worked for me! Every year was better than the next. I excelled both in and out of the class room, and now I'm at a great school!
I had a great experience in the Marblehead Public Schools. I grew up with a disability which required me to be in a wheelchair most of the time and I always felt included. The schools are great for children with disabilities, they would go to any extent to make sure every student is happy.
I enjoy the the classes offered at Marblehead High School. I have taken many interesting electives like World War II and Foods and Nutrition. The science courses I took, like Honors and AP Biology and Anatomy, are my favorite classes that I have taken. The teachers I had for these courses were intelligent and interesting. One thing I would like to change is to have more parking spots for seniors because the lot fills up very quickly.
As a senior at Marblehead High School, I have seen it all. I know almost all of the teachers, most of the students, and basically everything about the culture at MHS. I believe that the school has greatly prepared me for college and life beyond high school, as seen the great support that I recieved in the college admissions process and the fact that I will be attending my dream school next fall. Thank you MHS!
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