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Marble Falls Independent School District Reviews

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When I graduated from this district, I felt very unprepared for college. Applying for college and scholarships were very confusing and the counselors did not help.
I like that Marble Falls provides their students laptops. Some changes I would like is for the school to allow their students to express themselves more, to be able to customize. I'd also like for the teachers and counselors to be a little more involved in each of their students lives and help them. Let them decide what they want to do school wise. I lost a lot of my credits and classes when moving here, yet the school did nothing to help me get them all back. I would like for everyone to be rewarded for what they do, not just the favorite students.
I moved to the Marble Falls school district in the middle of the 5th grade. I could immediately tell that the district was underfunded and continues to be. Although there are still problem's with being understaffed along with other things, the small districted has shaped me into a productive citizen and student. In my learning environment, the teachers have to be well-rounded individuals with the capacity to teach several levels of a particular subject and at times coach a sport. Because of this, the student gets the opportunity to develop good relationships and bond with all of the staff. I would like to see the districted properly funded so the staff can provide all the recources necessary to provide the best education possible.
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Overall it was a great experience. Great people and awesome teachers. Most of the teachers taught well but they didn't really care about their students passing or failing. I understand they do this in college but folks we are not in college yet. I at least help out just a bit. I would love to see a change in the teaching staff there.
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