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Marathon Central School is a small town school that definitely has it’s rough spots but the good outshine the bad. The school employees some of the most caring and dedicated teachers I’ve ever seen In my life and the school is always looking to help the community in a way possible. The average class size in Marathon is about 55 and having such a small class creates a world of opportunities for the students. Marathon Central School is a great school to send your children to and I highly recommend this small town school.
The teachers are easy to get a long with and are very undertandable. As long as your honest with the teachers they will help you acheive your goal.
What I like about Marathon Central School District is the amount of opportunities it gives students to express themselves. There are over fifty clubs and sports groups that students can join that will allow them to enjoy what they love. From track, to drama club, to game club, there truly is a club for every student.
What I would like to see changed is how our the administration goes about certain things. There is a very well written student code of conduct that all students are expected to follow, with specific disciplinary actions that would follow as a result of those expectations not being followed. However; those actions are never taken. Ever.
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The teachers are phenomenal and work hard to understand your background before educating you. The class sizes are small, which also helps in the one-on-one time. However, there are times when chew gets out of hand. However, new faculty are fixing the problem. Furthermore, there are lots of scholarship opportunities upon graduation and help to apply for aid.
The district is very small, with around 50 or 60 kids per year....we offer an average amount of extracurricular activities, even though our sports programs are limited (soccer, basketball, field hockey, track, baseball, that's pretty much it). Academics are average.
I think that Marathon School District is relatively average as far as education goes. There are a lot of opportunities to join clubs and sports; there's something for everyone!
The teachers are amazing but some rules are left unenforced, such as the cell phone policy. I would like to see that change.
I loved going to Marathon central schools. The teachers there are nice and have helped me through out my school days. I don't think I would go to any other school.
Marathon has a very loving family feel. Being such a small school the teachers are able to work together and get us the best education and real world application as they can. But also because Marathon is such a small school sometimes it is very hard, if not impossible, to introduce us to all of the possibilities in the world because we all come from the same background.
I loved growing up in Marathon, I think the rural setting really helped me learn great morals. I learned so much that I will never forget and will use in my coming adult life. My only flaw with the school system is the corrupt superintendent. There was a rumor that the budget for the school was increased and she gave herself a raise with it. There was more, but that was definitely the worst I've heard about. She does things that have been described as asinine by many people. I hope someone else is the Marathon High School superintendent in the coming years. As for the teachers, I created bonds with many teachers who cared a great deal about my future success as a student.
I have attended Marathon Central School my entire school years. I have participated in sports as well as band. I have enjoyed the small school atmosphere. I wish we had more classes like bigger schools offer.
Marathon is, without a doubt, a small school district but I am so proud to call myself an alum of Marathon! Because of our small size, Marathon has such a strong sense of community and I never felt like I was just an other face in the crowd. The teachers practically became family and I always knew that they cared not only about my education, but also about who I was and am as a person. I received a wonderful education at Marathon and I am very thankful and blessed for my experience as a Marathon student.
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