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Marana Unified School District Reviews

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I enjoyed this school district because it gave many kids like me with learning disabilities a better understanding for the material I was learning. They also have a program for high school students to help out with special needs kids I enjoy this aspect because it brings us closer as a community. Marana provides excellent modifications to kids with individual education plans and only hires the best of the best teachers … just be sure to pack your kid a lunch.
I loved that they tried their hardest to accommodate giftedness, and they offered all the extracurriculars you could want. However, their teaching staff was very very sub-par and I ended up teaching myself most of my classes. If the school could better their teachers, then the school would be much better.
This district tries to help students succeed for the most part, but it does not always do its job; some teachers/staff are not qualified and academics are portrayed as less important than sports.
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The Marana Unified School District provieded me with proper education to prepare for mt future. The staff and faculty memebers mae the school a safe learnable place. The teachers are amzing and helo esch indavidula student prepare for the future.
Some things I love is that we are a very close school, everybody knows everybody. We all go to school events and participate in school spirit weeks, we are a very academically successful school. Teachers are always willing to help anyway that they can. We have several opportunities for students to get caught up with work and have several programs to help with that. Also we are a very athletic school, we always have lots of people who play sports and we play to win. During the season we have fundraisers and always reach out goals. Recently this last school year our school had made several improvements to the campus, we got new desks and chairs for each class, we extended the campus and added some new buildings to the school, and finically we added some color to the gates around the school.
The Marana Unified School District has benefited me in many ways, educational and social. I was able to be in safe environments that allowed me to think and ask questions when needed. Not only was the environment safe but the people ranging from the staff to the students were friendly and easy to approach. Being in the Marana Unified School District from K-12 benefitted me the most though because I always had a sense of familiarity
I have been in the Marana Unified School District most of my life, for grades 1 through 5 then grades 9 through 12. For grades 6 through 8 I was in a different district, and I wanted to come back to the MUSD because I missed the teachers that genuinely cared about students and wanted them to succeed. The MUSD also offered more classes that directly linked to career paths after high school, instead of simple college prep, such as Career and Technical Elective classes that gives students experience for technical jobs before graduation. Overall, the MUSD succeeds at the cores of what schools should be doing: fostering knowledge and experience for life-long careers.
The MUSD is an excellent school district full of people who care about the students and staff that make learning fun!
Marana Unified School District holds upmost respect towards Students, Staff, Teachers, and Parents. The programs offered at the schools promote parent and student involvement in the community.
This school district has pushed me and made me a better person, along with pushing me into a career that i probably never would have pursued.
Marana school district is the school district I grew up in. They have the best teachers around that not only helped me get through school academically but also helped me socially and with my at home life. It is this district with these teachers that helped shaped me into the person I am today. the staff displays their dedication everyday by working to make school life even more productive while being enjoyable.
Marana High is constantly trying to help its students with the materials provided to them. The only negative of the school is also a positive, the growth. We have lost touch with our old small town feel that my mom, my grandma, and my great grandma before me have experienced that I so crave.
Overall, a lot of changes have occurred throughout my schooling during my time in this district. I feel as though the providing of the Chromebooks extremely helped my education here, as well as being able to help students who would otherwise not have any technology resources at home. In addition, I've seen my previous elementary and middle school grow and be built on to as I come close to finishing my high school career. All in all, I would say that it is a very safe district that focuses on the safety of students and help the growth of every kid as they complete their schooling.
Overall, Marana Unified School District is an amazing school district who cares deeply about its students. The teachers and staff only want the best for students and really push students to do good. Marana Unified School District is also very involved with students' futures. A lot of the students there wouldn't even have a future if it wasn't for the help of the teachers. Although there are many good aspects of Marana Unified School District, the district has a lack of funding and it makes it incredibly hard for the schools in the district try to work at full speed and potential.
I feel safe at my school and our district does a lot to make sure student voices are heard. Our superintendent hold a student forum to hear from students and then our principles also hold forums to hear from us as well. Overall, we get the education we need and the faculty does a good job of making sure we are safe and are being challenged. MUSD pushes students to their full potential and prepares them for college and life.
I liked the diversity and wide array of classes, but I wish we had more teachers that actually care about their students. I can only name around three teachers that truly cared about me in my 13 years in the Marana District.
I've been in the Marana Unified School District from Kindergarten to right now, my senior year & have only made the best memories. Not only are the teachers beautiful people, they aren't half bad at teaching. The people I've met are awesome. I love MUSD.
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I've been in this district for basically half my life and i've meet great teachers that i wont ever forget. I've been challenged in ways i have not before and throughout the years i've grown and learned more. I've also made friends that i wont ever forget. Sometimes that environment isn't always great but it'll always be home to us.
Marana Unified puts too much money and focus into their sports programs. I wish that there was more involvement from administration to get our students more excited about and appreciative of the fine arts.
My experience at Marana Unified School District was not the best. I do believe schooling is important for every child but i think the way we go about teaching at the MUSD schools is wrong and I am not alone. The grading system is one thing i do not like, they give you a large weight on your tests and barely in classwork or homework. We are not graded on the efforts we put in with each day we show up and work, but graded on our memory. This is why i do not believe MUSD was a good experience for me.
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