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Maquoketa Valley Community School District Reviews

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I have attended the Maquoketa Valley School District for 13 years. I have enjoyed every minute of it. The teachers, facilities, and activities are excellent. I love it here. I would recommend this school to everyone looking for a good school district.
The sense of community was everything for me. We respected our teachers but there was a feeling that we could go to them when we needed help in academics and in life. High school is a huge molding time for many kids and I was lucky enough to have the people I did to help me develop into the person I am. Loved Maquoketa Valley!
I am currently a senior in high school at Maquoketa Valley. The education expectations are high here. The teachers and staff will push you, sometimes to your limits, to get the most out of you. The teachers put in a lot of hard work and time to make sure their students succeed. This school offers students a chance to be involved in many different types of activities. The culture here is wonderful!
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Very nice environment. Everyone knew everyone which made it feel welcoming but also made gossip a huge issue
Maquoketa Valley is a good school. They have been making improvements recently. The teachers really cared about each student and wanted to help them reach their best potential. It's a smaller school so it is a close knit group and everyone knows everyone. I enjoyed my time here.
I enjoy that because this is a small school it is easy to get close with teachers and other students. The teachers are willing to give up their free time to help students which is a really great quality. However, I do feel this school babies high school students. It will not allow students to fail. They give too many breaks that do not prepare you for the real world. The school also does not follow the handbook very well. They do not handle bullying as they should and do not have enough safety drills for things like school shootings. Overall, this school is in a safe and very caring community and is accepting to most people.
I transferred to Maquoketa Valley during my freshman year, I had previously gone to a very large school compared to MV. Going from a 4A school to a 1A school is quite a huge step, especially during your high school years. Luckily for me, Maquoketa Valley was the perfect fit. The teachers have a close relationship with nearly every student, and it's not always a classroom-based relationship. I can think of plenty of teachers would skip their lunch break to discuss problems I had been having previously. Because of the close relationships, the faculty have with the student body, they truly try to make every student succeed. I wouldn't have wanted to change any of my 4 years of high school for any other school.
Maquoketa Valley has allowed me to reach my full potential as a student within academics and extracurriculars. While attending a different school before my freshman year I was not doing the best within academics. Transfering schools has allowed me to reach my potential.
My experience at Maquoketa Valley has been great! Our school by far has one of the best Speech and Drama departments, of which I was a 4 year member of and has guided me to the person I am today.
I like how they are always wanting what's best for us. MV always pushes us to work hard. They never let a student fall behind but at times they baby the students too much. They never let the students fail while some students need to learn how it feels to fail. At MV, everyone knows everyone since the school is small. As far as the different cultures, there is mostly whites but they are starting to get a few African Americans. MV is very safe and practices drills at least once a month. All the students know what to do in any emergency situation.
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