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I enjoyed the opportunity for college credit and the teachers that worked hard to prepare us. Overall it was a good school, although a lot of focus is more on sports than other topics. Administration wasn't very involved or welcoming.
I changed school district to start my freshman year of high school. I was really nervous and unsure of my surroundings. Those feelings quickly vanished with my first class of the day. I already felt welcomed and like I belonged. For the most part i had some really kind and understanding teachers all four years. That being said I can't help but feel that as a school district they did not prepare us for real life like they should have. It was not a competitive school with many options of higher classes due to the district not having the resources to. Overall I loved my school, teachers, and classmates. I truly believe Maquoketa high school is the reason why I found my passion of being a high school teacher.
I really like how involved the teachers are with your education. In my experience they will go above and beyond to see you succeed.
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The high school partners with Clinton Community College and allows students to take college courses for free. This opportunity is amazing!
I am very grateful for the education I received while part of the Maquoketa Community School District. This school district is made very special by the enthusiasm of the teachers, administrators, and other staff. Here, every effort is made to collaborate with the students in order to create the best educational experience possible.
Students have a huge variety of classes and certifications that they can take. Over 80% of students leave Maquoketa with 20+ college credits. Many also graduate with welding and CNA certifications!
Overall a pretty good school, has its issue like all smaller schools. Athletics are a big deal, most teachers are willing to help one on one. The community college located on campus is a huge benefit! Tons of opportunities for students to become involved.
Growing up in a small town like Maquoketa has gave me a better outlook on life and I am so thankful for that. However, Maquoketa Community School District needs some work. I wish there would have been more opportunities for me.
I loved going to Maquoketa High school, because while I was in high school I was fortunate enough to have Clinton Community College on my campus. This allowed me to do dual credit’s and start my college carrier, gpa, and prepares us for college. The school has an amazing FFA program, welding academy (you can become certified), and college on campus. This is amazing and very beneficial for studients going to Maquoketa High School.
I like the willingness teachers had to help each an every student succeed. A lot of students in our school don’t have the motivation to move forward with schooling, but I feel the teachers here in Maquoketa push them to go on further. They also expand us on the different majors we can choose in college. They are willing to come before or stay after school to help.
Some of the teachers really like to teach, but some don't. That is really the only downfall of Maquoketa. Everything else is great. It is always bright and lively and the kids always want to learn.
While I look back fondly at my time there, it was a lot like every other high school in Iowa. The teachers do their very best and really do care for the students but because of the small school and lack of resources, there wasn't a huge selection for classes.
I loved being able to take college classes for free through EICC during my high school years. All of the teachers I have had truest cared about my education and me as a person.
Maquoketa has given me many things that I will be taking along with me to college and the rest of my life. I gained many friends and many of us even plan on going to the same college. Yeah, Maquoketa may not be the best school around but we do have our positives. Maquoketa has a deep culture within it's sports. We have alumni coming to watch our sport events, we have alumni that are coaches, and I hope to come back some day to see our school improve as a whole, not just in sports. I recommend this school to anybody willing to gain life long friends, get a great education, and learn things that they will use for the rest of their lives.
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