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I'm currently a senior just about to graduate MRH, and I like it here a lot. We are rather small, only 350 students in the high school, and it is very unique. What I like the most is the caring enviornment, and the teachers. The students here are very open and friendly, and the staff are amazing. I could turn to almost every one of them if I had a problem, and they'd listen. I love the way things are taught here, and am glad I was able to experience here rather than anywhere else. Of course, I am mainly speaking for the high school, but the rest of my years here were amazing as well. The only downside is that the middle school (7th-8th) and high school are in the same building which creates a couple problems. However, it doesn't feel too crowded. Overall, I would reccomend it, it is a great district with faculty who really care about their students.
The school culture is very thoughtful, with a focus on nurturing the development of the whole person. They are understanding of family life and have cultivated a vibrant sense of community that is connected and humble. The schools are focused on cultivating curiosity and character in children, with a calm and encouraging atmosphere. The teachers are fantastic, and they seem to really love their jobs. The facilities are well-thought-out and well designed for creating a positive school culture.
Overall, it is a pretty good school. The administration is not the best, but most of the teachers are great.
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Very tight knit community with friendly students. The teachers care a lot about their students and the material they are teaching which makes a huge difference in learning. I definitely retained information more than I would have at the first high school I attended. The small number of students makes the class sizes good for close connections with classmates and teachers. Having a principal that goes out of his way to know your name and engage in conversation is also very helpful in feeling like a part of the school community. It is a very nurturing environment overall for sure while still preparing you for college.
It's a small school so everyone knows each other, which can either be great or terrible, depending on what you make of it
I've been in the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District since I was in pre-school. I've loved every second of it because the people make Maplewood-Richmond Heights such a special place. Students are always there to encourage and support you and I know that every student has at least one teacher that they feel comfortable speaking with. Maplewood is such a tight community, but it welcomes newcomers with welcome arms. I would never want to go to a different high school.
As much as students complain about high school, I know deep down that my school is actually really nice. It's given me so many opportunities, as well as the teachers that actually care about your success. A teacher's job title says little about what they actually give to students. Every teacher has a story to tell, advice to give, and they do just that. And the students at MRH are truly different from any other school. Most of these kids have been together since pre-school, but when someone new transfers in, we try our best to include them. Cliques aren't a thing, as the divided friend "groups" have boundaries that are easily blurred and crossed. We stick up for each other, we help each other out. There are many different schools that I could've gone to, public and private. I'm so glad that 10 years ago, my parents chose to put me in the MRH school district. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Maplewood is an accepting community. You will find teachers who care about you and your success. You will also find fellow peers who will embrace you for who you are. Maplewood isn't perfect. They are trying to do what they can with the money they have available. They give every student a laptop and as much support as they can to make you successful.
Due to my dad being in the Military for the first half of my life, we moved a lot. For elementary school, I went to five different schools. MRH was the longest I had ever stayed at a school, and for that I was able to try new things (Cross Country and Track). With it's small size, I was really able to connect with teachers and feel comfortable being myself with them. I also knew how to get in contact with almost anyone in the building with the laptops they provided for us. It was a completely different experience to the schools I shuffled through prior. In my eyes, MRH was an extremely great district that cared for its students.
I have been a student at the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District since first grade. Throughout my time here, from elementary school to high school, I have noticed a fierce dedication within the teachers of helping their students succeed. Nearly every teacher will not just know you as a student, but will know you as a person. This, and the fact that Maplewood is a small school, helps the teacher specialize ways in which every student can learn efficiently. At Maplewood schools, everyone knows everyone. The schools don't just feel like schools, they feel like places where you can be friends with anyone and still truly be yourself. Maplewood kids always get opportunities to follow their interests and speak out about what they are passionate about.
I have been in MRH since kindergarten. I have had a wonderful experience here. For the most part, the teachers have been amazing. We have a small enough school that the teachers not only know the names of students in their class, but they know students in the entire grade. I had teachers know me even though they never taught me directly. This school is very good at personalizing things to each student. We have many help programs for students struggling in different subjects. I have found many volunteer opportunities through this school which not only helps me, but the projects can help the community and other students in the school.
Best school ever! Awesome teachers and coaches! I feel at home when I am there and am very sad to leave. Not only is the school great but the community is as well. During sports events the community comes together as one and it makes everyone feel so involved.
I liked it as I went there for the four years of high school. Most of my class did real well in life. Our reunions tells us that each time we have one.
For being a public school that was previously understaffed, funded, and had a decaying building, the school has really pulled itself up. It is currently one of the best public school in the St. Louis area with many amazing opportunities and resources for its students, but not with an overwhelming student body size. Classes are still no more than 24 student max per a teacher, with a very racially divers population.
I have attended Maplewood since I was in preschool, and my entire experience including this year has been a wonderful academic experience. I believe that most of the teachers are great at their jobs and they make classes fun. For the past two years, this year being my sophomore year and last year my freshman, I have been more stressed because of the workload, but that’s expected. The other students are also very picky of who they’re friends with and will cut someone off for the most outlandish of reasons. I would probably rate Maplewood higher if I had a better social experience, but the academics are stellar! There are so many awards from associations displayed all over the school.
My experience at Maplewood has been amazing. The teachers and principals work extremely hard that you are provided with the resources that you need to succeed within and outside of the classroom. I love that the environment of Maplewood is family oriented and allows everyone to feel like they matter and belong. Lastly, here at Maplewood, I have been exposed and able to participate in many opportunities that I feel like I might not have been able to partake in anywhere else.
Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District is on an uprise. The District continues to grow and advances in many ways. As an athlete, it is always rewarding to see the sports teams doing well, but school isn't all about the sports. MRH's average act score has increased every year for the past few years now. Graduation rates are getting higher, things look good, but can always be better. I believe the district could improve its maintenance. The girls' bathroom stalls never seem to lock. The other thing I think they could improve is putting students through the appropriate amount of rigorous courses, sometimes not everyone is ready to advance.
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Maplewood-Richmond Heights school district is a very safe and close-knit community. The schools have continued to excel in technology and student-teacher relationships, but lack the ability to mature students for college.
I learned a lot attending Maplewood-Richmond Heights. I was able to carry-on those skills into college. I was involved with a few clubs that gave me a responsibility in bettering myself as an teen which I did by the time I graduated. Also, being involved in sports made my experience at Maplewood-Richmond Heights fun!
I started in the middle of 5th grade year at MRH and stayed up until the 10th grade. It was a interesting experience there, I've become so mature because of the experiences I've had at MRH.
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