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the cooperation in there students and the teachers, no bullying school i have seen and self driven students
My experience was somewhat disappointing but it's like any other school district so theres not much they could do. They should work on getting better staff, fexing their facilities and creating healthier foods for students.
They have really good schools, but I wish that there will be more support from teachers. Bt this I mean that in some cases the teacher does not care or give enough too care about every single student. All students have dreams too, every student needs support. The teachers should humble down and relate to a student.
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The community that is created throughout the years of highschool is amazing. I do not regret my descicion to go a school in this district.
I like having a small community in which I was able to connect with people in my grade and school as well as students in other grade levels and schools. At Mapleton I got the opportunity to understand what it means to be a part of a community that with in it have varying communities. Through homecoming, sports, orchestra and other extracurricular I have made life long connections with people who I know will have positive impact on the world
I grew up in this district and I never hated it . Such a great environment. All the teachers here are so supportive in anything including my future goals.
Some of the teachers are really great and try their hardest to make sure students are successful. Their have been really poor teachers who won't help students and pick favorites. Some of the districts priorities are out of place, but hey do try.
Mapleton Public Schools has a great community. The students are full of potential. One thing that should change is the teachers.
I love how diverse Mapleton Public Schools are. They are very accepting in every school in this district. The classrooms size in this district are small enough so the teachers get to know the students. The teachers care a lot about the students personal life and their education. The teachers don't hesitate to stay late in order to help their students accomplish their goals.
This district has different small schools on the district. Every school has different ways to teach studets. I like this school since it has small classes and everyone knows and helps each other. The teachers really care about you passing your classes and graduating. Us has seniors get good recommendations on how to apply for colleges, do resumes, interviews and getting everything done in order to be an adult
The only thing I liked about Mapleton was that the teachers were very nice and they cared about you, and met so many amazing friends there. What they can work on is having students become more engaged in their high school experience. For example, having more prep rallies, more exciting clubs, and so much more because Mapleton isn’t really a fun school and I would honestly not be that proud to be a Skyview Wolverine because we didn’t have that much spirit like other high schools do.
Mapleton public schools is okay, it has a few things to work on, and it could do with some harder work and better teachers.
As a Mapleton student, I have had the chance to meet teachers that are committed and hardworking; they have provided us with the appropriate tools to succeed academically and overcome life obstacles.
The staff is very educated and involved, and the programs and events are fantastic. However, the science department needs improvement, along with funding fine arts programs.
I liked the availability of options at Mapleton! They offered an online option, which I opted for. I really liked this sort of education because it fit to my needs and schedule. I was even able to have a day time job with this program! I loved the online aspect, however I felt unsafe going to events etc. since kids from every school in the district would be at prom. maybe it was just me!
It has been a good district. The teachers really know how to get the students involved into the material. They are help in creating well rounded students.
Mapleton Early College provides students with incredible opportunities for internships, independent learning, and college classes- including the chance to graduate with an Associate's degree. The teachers and staff care about students beyond the classroom level, making for important trust and strong relationships.
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The district is very diverse and open. Mapleton is pretty kind but also has many boundaries. My personal experience has been good so far. The workers in Mapleton I'd say all have a connection with students and make the students feel comfortable. Some things that would be better if changed can be some schools with uniforms, have more of s variety.
the teacher were really caring and engaged and connected with students and definitely pushed the. if i had kids i would send them here
I love the Staff at Mapleton Public Schools, every single teacher or just member has made me feel welcomed. The students make it a safe environment to be in and I think I would definitely recommend this school.
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