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Maple Valley is an incredible school with an incredible community. They presented me with many opportunities for success, and have allowed me to excel in many different aspects of my life. The people at this school are awesome, and I feel accepted in everything that I am doing. Teachers are friendly and encouraging, and staff is helpful and available. Overall a very good school.
I like that Maple Valley doesn’t have many people. This makes it easier to know who everyone is. Although the band is not the best, it has a really great group of kids to be apart of. The lunches could have a few more choices, at least on getting a little sick of nacho Monday’s. It does have a great early middle college program, edgenuity, and some cool dual enrollment classes. So there are some great opportunities.
Coming from other problem schools I found the small town environment of Maple Valley attractive. It worked out for the best as the in class experience was more personal and teachers knew each student on a level that other schools didn't have. Education was good and discipline was strict by appropriate.
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My experience is very good, there are some downfalls, but I enjoy it. Most staff are nice and helpful when needed. Somethings could be changed with how some situations are handled. The facility is clean most of the time, however some spots and classrooms are not cleaned the way they should be.
I like Maple valley because it's small and you get to know the students and staff very well over the four years. Though we may not have a lot of clubs/activities, I still find ways to stay busy and involved.
Although I have been graduated for a few years now, the years I spent at MVS are still with me. I am very glad to hear this year that the principal is gone. I feel like this will help improve the school. The superintendent has many great ideas for the school, but not all of them have been executed well. I had bad experiences with this school, but the teachers are all wonderful and try their best to ensure that students have the proper education. More parental involvement and I believe this could be a wonderfull district.
I like the small setting because you got to know your teachers but I didn't like how everyone was related one way or another.
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