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Maple Shade School District Reviews

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I enjoyed my years at Maple Shade high school. I was an involved student that played 2 sports, cheerleading and softball.Maple Shade offered students many options from sports, drama, leadership clubs, clubs, and so many other extra and co-curricular activities for all students. They are inclusive for all people and backgrounds. We have a spirited faculty and engaged staff that inspires the students and their families to become a member of the Maple Shade Community.
I’ve been living in Maple Shade for almost all of my love and I can say that I recommend this school. The staff and teachers are friendly and obviously know what they’re doing. The awful name depicted by others on my school is inaccurate for it reveals a false image of this school. I feel prepared for college due to the classes I’ve taken and the assistance offered by teachers.
Teachers and staff are willing to help whenever they can, and want the best for the students! Everybody is made to feel welcome in the school, not just in classes but in clubs and activities as well. There is a strong diversity among the students which could be hard to manage in some schools, but Maple Shade does a wonderful job at keeping the peace throughout the staff and students.
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I liked friendly atmosphere. Would like to see Bruce Diamond and Keith Williams fired, for they brought with them a very negative presence, and made playing sports at MSHS less enjoyable.
Maple shade is a great school. The school is filled with good teachers and loving staff. The students strive for greatness everyday. Its a small highschool in a small neighborhood theres not a lot of students
I enjoyed Maple Shade High School because I was able to play both sports I like and got a good education so I was ready for college. I also made many great friends that I will always want to share my life with.
I've generally enjoyed my time at Maple Shade High School, but I don't think I'm going to miss it very much and I'm excited to move on. The school itself focuses on sports significantly more than the arts, but within the arts department are some of the best teachers. I feel like the school also doesn't push students to aim big after high school, they consider community college to be the ultimate goal for the students. The food sucks.
It was an okay school. I spent two years in Maple shade schools and it wasn't really great for me since I didn't open up to a lot of people. I guess I could say I was a little bit scared about talking
My experience at Maple Shade was good for the most part besides a few issues that I started recognizing my senior year as I became more mature.
I like how diverse this school district is. The only con is that there are not many academic choices available.
I made very good memories going to Maple Shade High School. It was a very small and not largely funded school, so they did the best with what they had. All of the teachers are very passionate and want to see all of the students do great things.
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