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Maple School District is a great place for all academic levels! They offer many classes that have challenged me as well as my peers. It's a very safe, well-secured building with amazing staff, and not to mention the outstanding activities and extracurriculars!
I graduated from High school at northwestern in 2016. I enjoyed being on sports teams there but with that I feel like it was very easy to slide through high school without actually doing work especially because so many of the teachers are coaches.
Overall I had an excellent experience with the Maple School District. I was very involved in the athletic community and was still able to perform successfully in academics thanks to the teachers and staff. However, one thing I would change would be the effort put into college readiness and financial education.
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There are very few college prep programs offered or encouraged. No classes you would physically take in school could count as a college credit.
I like the small classrooms in the Maple School District. Teachers can help students one on one versus in a larger classroom. I don't like how clicky the district is.
Over the past thirteen years I've seen this schools ups and downs. These last two years we've gotten a handful of new staff. Before we got our new principal our students were all put in line, there were no fights and everyone followed the rules. Our new principal set some different rules and It was unreal how many fights we had that year. One good rule our principle mMr. Carlson came up with was cell phone usage. Before he came, kids would be on their phones all the time during lunch, passing time and during classes. Now we can use phone during passing time and lunch but when it comes time to learn the phones get turned off. One other thing I dislike about our school is tiger time, it's about 40 min long. This time is used for getting your homework done, club meetings and for kids who are struggling in classes to get help. Most kids after they check into homeroom leave school because there's no supervision at the doors.
I love the community feel of northwestern, I can honestly say there's no one in my graduating class I don't know. The activities are wonderful and well funded, but academics are a but spotty. Some teachers aren't well versed in their subjects, but most are fantastic. They need to invest in new science books, the information changes daily yet the books are still from 1996.
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