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Such a flexible school that helps students explore all of their options to set them up for their most successful future!
The school is very diverse which is a good environment to be around but the school can also have downsides such as some teachers not putting in the work they should or helping kids in different manner than others.
I really like the feeling of a community, our friendly rivalry between East and West makes sports really exciting. The teachers are really amazing and they make personal connections with you.
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I cannot think of a better place to learn and grow than the Mankato Public School District. I have been going to schools within this district for the entirety of my life, and I would not have had it any other way. I feel that the Mankato Public School District has allowed me to learn greatly. I feel that when the time comes, I will be completely prepared for college because of my school district. Every teacher I have had has been great. They have thought me well, and helped me when I needed it. I have grown as a person by attending the schools in my district. I have been able to discover who I am and who I want to be. It may seem biased, everything that I have stated about this district, but I truly cannot think of a better place for me to learn. I have had many, if not all, of the greatest experiences of my life at the schools in Mankato. I wish for this trend to continue for the rest of my education.
There is a lot of diversity in this district which is wonderful and most of the teachers are wonderful people who truly take the time to learn things about their students' lives and teach them lessons they can implement for the rest of their lives.
This school district provides students with a great education. Some of there schools have a few problems and are a little rougher than others but over all they are doing a good job. Most of the district problems occur on the east side. They have some good things happening but over all are struggling. Their schools have a difference from one school to another. You will see a different atmosphere from different schools that are just down the road from each other. The schools in Mankato have amazing teachers and staff. One good thing they do provide is a safe school that provides students with many resources to help their learning (technology, etc.).
This school system goes above and beyond what is expected from a public school. The staff is always ready to help with any problem, school related or not. The teachers constantly do their best to keep the classes engaged in the classroom.
Great teachers, amazing opportunities, classes that really help prepare you for college and/or the workforce!!!
Great school and calm environment with good aesthetics and good opportunities. Great staff that is driven to the growth of its students and staff. Work well as a team and are always focused on what is best for students and staff.
I got the chance to work with the school district through my college in Mankato. We got the chance to meet with some kids to get their opinion on things in their schools to help create a new logo and program for the new middle school, Prairie Winds. We also got to meet with some of the teachers and school board to learn about their current after school programs. By evaluating what people liked about the current programs, and what people thought was needed, we were able to come up with some basic outlines for the new middle school which included creating a new logo!
I really liked the diversity that the Mankato School District offers in all of their schools. It gives students a chance to learn about many other cultures other than their own. Mankato Public Schools has great teachers that genuinely care about each of their students and their success through high school and beyond into wherever their life takes them. The schools have a large number of extracurricular activities that all students can take part in.
This school district has given me so many opportunities to better myself and to get involved with not only my school, but the other schools in the district. I went to Jefferson Elementary, Garfield middle school, Dakota Meadows middle school, and finally West high school. The staff and teachers do everything they can always for the benefit of the kids. I was on the homecoming court this past year at west and to see pretty much everyone from the district in the same gym with all of the alumni was incredible. This district has made me who I am today, and I couldn't be happier about that.
As my child attends this school district, I would recommend it; they depend greatly on the parents interactions with children outside of school, and really care for your child. The district has many activities outside of the school day to help enrich your child's life. They offer pre-K too.
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