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Manila School District has been an amazing place where I have been given countless opportunities to grow and learn. Our instructors are very hard workers who do everything within their power to make sure we, as students, get something out of every day and go into life with a drive for excellence.
The teachers at Manila High School actively stay involved in students' academic careers and do as much as possible to set the students up to succeed. If I could change anything, I'd fund STEM extracurricular activities more.
Didnt really like my school all my class mates are rude and mean and the teachers pick favourites mostly the rich kids
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Manila isn’t the best school but it’s also not the worst. A lot of the teachers only care about the tests and funding. They care more about the that than they do about actually teaching us and making sure we actually know the material. Most of the lunch food is gross and not that great of quality. They treat us like little kids but then expect us to act like adults when we are neither.
I've always loved the way this school felt. It's very much a second home. I always feel safe and the faculty is amazing and always trying to help.
I loved how involved everyone in the community was with the school. The teachers were so caring and wanted the best for their students.
I have attended Manila all my life and its a great school and a wonderful learning environment. The teachers and facilty there are great and help you with anything and everything you need to acomplish ,they are very good at getting kids ready for college . I personally didnt know what I wanted to do when I graduated from high school ,but my teachers and my counsler was there to aid me on my path to my career.Manila has a lot of academic programs and are very good at producing very entellegent students who make it very far in their career.Manila is said to be one of the best schools in the district and northern part of Arkansas and its easliy believable.
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