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Manheim Central School District is where I've been going to school every since the start of my school days. Every school has a wonderful array of passionate, driven, fun teachers. Most were easy to talk to in reference to grades, lessons, and advice. The schools are always clean and the principals always make it their job to make the students feel safe and secured by the constant assemblies about emergency protocols. The food handed out has always been satisfying and never once did I obtain any sickness or nausea. The students, however, are a mixed bag.
Manheim Central School District is a great school; however it lacks on the options for advanced placement classes and lacks on diversity.
I think Manheim Central is a good district with very good educational programs and they provide students with many resources to be successful in life. I feel like they let students get away with more than they should. They don't punish that hard and this keeps students violating school policies since they don't enforce them enough.
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I had an amazing experience through my four years at Manheim Central. I think we have excellent teachers who care very much about the education of their students.
The teachers at Manheim Central prepared me for what college life would be like. I already have many of the skills necessary for my post-secondary education, and overall, I think that is the goal of high school education. Mission accomplished.
Small town with great teachers who are passionate. It would have been nice if the building had air conditioning as Pennsylvania summers can get very hot and humid.
I love Manheim Central. I have been going there since second grade. The sense of community among the students and staff is very welcoming. The teachers are wonderful with getting students extra help and help the students strive for success. The clubs that are offered at Manheim Central are wonderful. The clubs range from ping pong club to science Olympiad club. Manheim Central has some of the best resources and variety of classes compared to many of the districts in the area.
Manheim central is a school I attend that I feel lacks important features to get us ready for our future. It could also have more club and other activities available to the students.
Manheim Central School District offers a quality education for students. Teachers are very committed to helping learners succeed. The school has a strict policy against bullying and they try to make sure all learners feel included. The school district is very supportive of music and art education at a time when many public schools are cutting these types of programs. The administration, teachers and staff members are very supportive.
Not enough security, administration more concerned with dress code than kids education. Multiple bomb threats in a matter of weeks.
Attend Manheim Central High School from 2011-2015, and were some of the best years of my life. High school was great but it did have its flaws. I got the help I needed for my learning disability, and I was active in a after school athletic training program that helped me decided that I wanted to pursue it in college. Only bad thing I see about MCHS is that there main focus is football (sport wise), if you play a different sports it felt as if they weren’t that important.
I enjoyed my experience at Manheim central high school! I really enjoyed the music classes there and how much the teachers impacted my life. I currently and majoring in music performance ar Messiah College. I had amazing teachers throughout my four years there. I felt included and respected by the teachers. I learned a lot and I’m thankful for the education I received.
Manheim Central has some great teachers that teach some interesting classes. Having smaller classes was very beneficial, I was able to ask lots of questions and participate in classes. I built good relationships with my teachers and they would recognize me by name even a year after taking their class. Manheim Central provided a laptop to all students, which was great having it to do your school work. Sports is very big at Manheim Central with lots of school spirit, which helps everyone feel like they belong. Two things that I would definitely change are having air conditioning in the entire school. It is difficult to think and very uncomfortable when you are melting from the heat. Also the cafeteria food is horrible, I packed most of the time. It would have been great if they had better quality foods. Overall my experience at Manheim Central was good and I would not mind if children attend in the future.
The art, language, and music programs have been drastically cut to the point where these programs are nonexistent. I was also a member of the quiz bowl team, over half of us had broken buzzers and the school felt it was a bigger priority for the football team to have all new jerseys and hoodies with their names on the back, which is 100% not necessary for high school sports. Bomb threats are common and poorly handled, as well as their “anti-bullying” agenda. I also graduated having no idea what a deductible was, what interest was, or how to do taxes let alone set budgets, they have absolutely nothing in their curriculum for real world finances and readiness after graduation. Seriously, reconsider this now sad and empty school district.
Positive experience grades k-12. Had many great teachers and due to our size could be involved in many clubs and sports.
Teachers are dedicated to their jobs. Students are pretty easy to go along with. A lot of athletics and Clubs. No air conditioning; only downside.
At Manheim Central High School, I was able to make some amazing friends and find mentors in many of my teachers as well. Manheim was a great place to grow up and learn what community really means. The education I received at this institution I believe has prepared me well for college and there have been numerous opportunities in which I could involve myself outside of the classroom. Many of the teachers care about the students' well-being even beyond that classroom, grades, SAT/ACT scores, and GPA.
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I had an unforgettable schooling career at Manheim Central School District, making great memories and meeting lifelong friends. I received a high-quality education from an excellent staff, and also had great resources available as well. Playing football at Manheim Central was nothing less than an honor. We had, year after year, one of the most dominant high school football programs in the tr-state area. And playing there taught me additional lessons than were not covered in the classroom. Things like dedication, perseverance, teamwork, and brotherhood. This school gave me so much, and I cannot wait to repay it someway, someday. The entirety of teachers, classmates, and faculty that I have been influenced by has made me into the man I am today. The food could have been better, the lockers a bit more roomy, and maybe not so strict on cell phone usage. But these are small things compared to what this school has done for me. And I cannot thank all of my teachers enough.
I moved to Manheim Central in the middle of my sophomore year. I was a tiny, shy, and insecure kid who had just been on the JV soccer team at Penn Manor with not too many teachers on my side. Manheim Central allowed me to flourish with a fresh start. I excelled in the classroom and on the soccer field. Everyone was welcoming. I was a starter, captain, all-star and team MVP by my senior year. I even scored the game winning goal against my old school. In the classroom, I was able to take whatever AP course I wanted and my teachers worked with me to succeed. I made lots of friends as well. There is a lot of drama however.
As a Manheim Central alumni, I do believe that Manheim Central is a great school district. The academic, faculty, students, and of course the sports, are high quality and highly respected.
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