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I have been a part of this school district my whole life now, and I honestly wouldn't want to be anywhere else. All the schools monitor student wellness as much as they can and actually genuinely care about their students well-being, which I don't think a majority of places can say that. They provide countless programs and opportunities for us and do whatever they can just to see even the smallest smile on a kids face. I also really like how much they support every person and present an inclusive environment, no matter your color, race, gender, or anything.
MBUSD is a very nice school district, which provides a lot of benefits for students throughout their scholastic careers, however some scandalous situations do arise from time to time. Overall, students receive great education, get prepared to enter college, and can participate in a very large number of activities.
I feel that Costa has really good teachers that are very good at making sure their students understand what they're learning and love their jobs! Of course you're always bound to get a bad egg here and there but I feel that a majority of my teachers have been some of my favorites and great at their jobs. What makes the teachers the best is that they really love to talk about what they're teaching and they get super enthusiastic about it which makes it more interesting for the students as well. Sadly though school spirit is lacking at this school.
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I attended Mira Costa High School in the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. It was very hard for me to obtain a permit to attend this school but I am glad I did. I enjoyed my time attending this high school. This was my first school in this district and I was not disappointed. The quality of academics given at this school has prepared me for college in more ways than I can express. The campus is filled with genuine teachers who enjoy and care about there job. The administration is just all-around great. For the quality of education and safety given at this school, it is understood even though it is a public school why some inner costs are pricey. As the district has made plans to upgrade the school massively I am excited to see what is to come.
The schools have been great for our kids. So many opportunities to excel. The community rallies around the schools to make sure they remain great.
While attending schools in MBUSD, I learned a lot of valuable information and learned new skills. The majority of the teachers were very good at educating me in that specific subject. My biggest problem with the district was that the administration was not pleasant to work with. But, overall, the distinct does an excellent job of teaching their students all they need to know.
Need more support for special education programs and one-on-one aides. Put more effort and energy into training them and having help available.
Manhattan Beach Unified School District is an overall friendly environment. The teachers make sure every single student receives the help and attention they need to succeed. All of the students treat one another like family and we are all like one big community. The schools are given great supplies to help the children succeed and nutritious food for snacks and lunches. All in all, MBUSD is a great environment for all ages.
when I was in fifth grade the took all the boys out of lunch for a month. They did not take the girls too. just for actions of a couple of boys. That is disgusting. terrible way to solve a problem.
MBUSD is a fairly good and well organized district for children to grow in. The high school in particular has many caring and enthusiastic teachers that really connect with the students. however some aspects of the school could be changed to make it even better
All they tend to worry about is money & status. Now, status isnt a bad thing but sometimes it shouldnt be all that matters. the main focus should be the students. They tend to spend their money on things the school doesn't need like a new field for the highschool when the locker rooms bathrooms are rusty, broken door and mirrors you cant even see into etc. they smell, half the lockers in the locker rooms are broken & rusted as well. etc. They focus more on whats visible than whats not.
Manhattan Beach Unified School District is top notch! From the elementary level to the high school, the teachers, the academics and the overall sense of community is amazing! Would not live anywhere else so that I can be a part of the MBUSD!
Such a wonderful community of parents and staff. Everyone making the best efforts to keep our kids healthy, safe, and excited to learn!
The district has very good academics and a wide expanse of extracurriculars and sports, and many of the teachers are quite intelligent and helpful. However, the administration itself is subpar in its communication with students as well as common sense, and often seems to have its priorities in the wrong places.
The Manhattan Beach Unified School District is an excellent district the tries to accommodate every student. The academics are top notch and so are the vast majority of teachers. However, there are a number of areas for improvement. First, there is very little schoolwide unity. Since most of the students are very competitive, the collective student body is not that very excited about "high school culture". Football games, school dances, and other events have significantly less attendance than normal, simply be Couse of a lack of unity among the student body. Another place for improvement would be that a larger presence of vocational and technical training programs would help many students who are unsure what the future holds for them.
I like Manhattan Beach Unified School District's (MBUSD) focus on the arts and the expanding STEM program they offer. They have started an engineering class and also offer computer science classes as well. I am currently in one the computer science classes and I am happy to note that my class is completely full, as are the majority of the others according to my teachers. However, I wish there were more classes offered and perhaps more computer science teacher employed so that class sizes could be around 30-35 instead of 40-55. I am also an orchestra student at Mira Costa High School in MBUSD and two years ago we were able to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York, New York. Last year we went to San Francisco to have a performance exchange with another high school orchestra. I am so thankful to have these opportunities thanks to MBUSD donors and the parents involved in MBUSD's booster clubs (specifically the Mira Costa High School Orchestra Booster Club).
It is an extremely challenging academic school that offers a broad range of extra circular activities. It is a large school so it competes at a very high level in sports, music, arts, etc. There is something for everyone at Mira Costa.
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Excellent and rigurous academic curriculum . It prepares students well for college. There are many clubs and extracurricular activities . Parents are closely involved in their kids education.
Manhattan Beach school district has an outstanding music program. I have been fortunate enough to study cello each year beginning in the third grade all the way through my senior year in high school. In addition, the choir programs have been terrific. I have had great instruction as well as many opportunities to travel and perform in a variety of different venues. The community is very cohesive and supportive of one another.
Some teachers were outstanding and caring, some let good students fall through the cracks. The help for applying to college and selecting an appropriate college was minimal.
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