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Manhattan Beach Unified School District Reviews

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Manhattan Beach Unified School District is an overall friendly environment. The teachers make sure every single student receives the help and attention they need to succeed. All of the students treat one another like family and we are all like one big community. The schools are given great supplies to help the children succeed and nutritious food for snacks and lunches. All in all, MBUSD is a great environment for all ages.
when I was in fifth grade the took all the boys out of lunch for a month. They did not take the girls too. just for actions of a couple of boys. That is disgusting. terrible way to solve a problem.
MBUSD is a fairly good and well organized district for children to grow in. The high school in particular has many caring and enthusiastic teachers that really connect with the students. however some aspects of the school could be changed to make it even better
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All they tend to worry about is money & status. Now, status isnt a bad thing but sometimes it shouldnt be all that matters. the main focus should be the students. They tend to spend their money on things the school doesn't need like a new field for the highschool when the locker rooms bathrooms are rusty, broken door and mirrors you cant even see into etc. they smell, half the lockers in the locker rooms are broken & rusted as well. etc. They focus more on whats visible than whats not.
Manhattan Beach Unified School District is top notch! From the elementary level to the high school, the teachers, the academics and the overall sense of community is amazing! Would not live anywhere else so that I can be a part of the MBUSD!
Such a wonderful community of parents and staff. Everyone making the best efforts to keep our kids healthy, safe, and excited to learn!
The district has very good academics and a wide expanse of extracurriculars and sports, and many of the teachers are quite intelligent and helpful. However, the administration itself is subpar in its communication with students as well as common sense, and often seems to have its priorities in the wrong places.
The Manhattan Beach Unified School District is an excellent district the tries to accommodate every student. The academics are top notch and so are the vast majority of teachers. However, there are a number of areas for improvement. First, there is very little schoolwide unity. Since most of the students are very competitive, the collective student body is not that very excited about "high school culture". Football games, school dances, and other events have significantly less attendance than normal, simply be Couse of a lack of unity among the student body. Another place for improvement would be that a larger presence of vocational and technical training programs would help many students who are unsure what the future holds for them.
I like Manhattan Beach Unified School District's (MBUSD) focus on the arts and the expanding STEM program they offer. They have started an engineering class and also offer computer science classes as well. I am currently in one the computer science classes and I am happy to note that my class is completely full, as are the majority of the others according to my teachers. However, I wish there were more classes offered and perhaps more computer science teacher employed so that class sizes could be around 30-35 instead of 40-55. I am also an orchestra student at Mira Costa High School in MBUSD and two years ago we were able to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York, New York. Last year we went to San Francisco to have a performance exchange with another high school orchestra. I am so thankful to have these opportunities thanks to MBUSD donors and the parents involved in MBUSD's booster clubs (specifically the Mira Costa High School Orchestra Booster Club).
It is an extremely challenging academic school that offers a broad range of extra circular activities. It is a large school so it competes at a very high level in sports, music, arts, etc. There is something for everyone at Mira Costa.
Excellent and rigurous academic curriculum . It prepares students well for college. There are many clubs and extracurricular activities . Parents are closely involved in their kids education.
Manhattan Beach school district has an outstanding music program. I have been fortunate enough to study cello each year beginning in the third grade all the way through my senior year in high school. In addition, the choir programs have been terrific. I have had great instruction as well as many opportunities to travel and perform in a variety of different venues. The community is very cohesive and supportive of one another.
Some teachers were outstanding and caring, some let good students fall through the cracks. The help for applying to college and selecting an appropriate college was minimal.
Clearly well funded due to the affluent community but many students had to seek assistance off campus which showed how only those who could hire tutors could succeed with greater needs
The district does a fantastic job of preparing students for college, starting from when they are in elementary school. I was a part of this school district from elementary all through high school, and while the attitudes of the town need work the academics do not. I did not realize the full impact of my education until I reached college and basic things such as how to properly format an essay were not universally known in my college class while this is something that I was taught in middle school. MBUSD does a fantastic job with students by preparing them to be above average academically by the time they reach their various universities.
I found the MBUSD to be fairly organized and overall great, with the exception being when it came to finances. I think that perhaps because Manhattan Beach is an affluent neighborhood, those in charge of utilizing the finances were not quite as careful/frugal with their given budget as they should have been.
This district is extremely good. The school are nice and advanced, and on a better note students are not treated like criminals like a lot of other schools. I also loved my teachers, they knew what they were talking about and many of them honestly cared about my growth as a human being over their paychecks. I actually learned and enjoyed it.

They also required that every single senior take part in college discussions and create scholarship folders. There was no such thing as not graduating and not considering higher education. I recieved $5000 before going to my first year of college just because my school made it mandatory to create a scholarship notebook which they themselves sent out. All I had to do was put it together and pick which scholarships looked good for me from a list.
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I love the school and I have had so many great experiences over the years. I have loved all of my teachers and I have made so many friends. I have also loved being part of the tennis team; we have gotten to travel to many different places.
I go to Mira Costa High School. I love the school. The teachers are amazing and they care a lot about their students. The social life is great and there are lots of fun organizations to be part of. The students are also very nice and welcoming.
MBUSD really tries to center it's focus on the needs of the students and offers a lot of opportunities in all it's schools. I would give it five stars but my only issue is how donation centered the district can be allowing for the amount of parental influence you have to be based on the amount of money donated. I understand a lot of funds come from parent donations but they should remember its a public school district and people who can't donate should have a stronger voice too.
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