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A good thing I always see is staff always trying to improve the students educational experience, but what could be improved are teacher connections with students and understanding our generation.
Manchester school district is average academically but with school food and involvement could be a little bit better. students would enjoy their lunches in high school if the lunches were actually good. Plus, if the school had a better discipline system the students wouldn't behave like they do towards teachers and classmates.
Overall the school district has poor education standards. Children are often struggling in school because of this. While there are great teachers, some act worse than the children! Being a student in this district was hard as teachers offered no support with education. People who can make a difference in the toxic school environment ignore the problems.
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I like the culture here but I feel it the school district could use better education and more of a focus on what the students need
My experience overall could have been better I feel as if the guidance counselors could be more helpful about the whole college applications and process
Manchester school district has provided me with mostly what I need to succeed. I do feel as the the curriculum in most cases are good, but there are way too many teachers who are allowed to do what they want and do not help prepare us in any way out of pure laziness.
We do not have much funding but with what we are given the teachers do an excellent job. I have liked a majority of my teacher and have learned so much at school. The teachers stay after when I need to make up tests or need extra help. Many of them run extra curricular clubs like sports or after school activities like chem club, anime club, video game club and national english honor society. The science rooms often do not have proper equiptment though, it is normally outdated because the school district can only afford to replace it every so many years.
an average grouping of schools education wise, not the best place to put children in. Based of allowing your children to be in a diverse community and allows them to developed culture.
Would like the student readiness for college should be improved.And that the school should work on the teachers/facilities. And during the snow days it’s insane down here because we don’t get snow days, even when it’s dangerous outside.
I have completely enjoyed my experience but there are a few things I wish I could change such as; better administration, a safer environment, and better preparation for college.
When I was starting college, the administrators were extremely helpful and friendly. They broke down everything so I could understand it. They were always available via email and phone, and everyone there had the students in their best interest
I like that you can trust most of the teachers in the district and you can tell that the administrators and teachers care a lot about the schools and the students. I wish our district was given resources such as nicer computers, personal ipads, and more eco-friendly resources like other schools in other districts have.
The Manchester School District has been a great district for me personally. Many people always think of Manchester as the ghetto with only drugs and crime, but it is so much more than that in a positive way! Manchester is a thriving city with many more positives than negatives! The school district has grown in so many ways, and there are always new improvements being put in place. The city is growing with its families, schools and community!
I have been in the Manchester school district for about 11 years going to 12. The curriculum is very bad they do not teach you what you need in life. They teach you pointless things that cant help you for future things. In my opinion they should change what the teachers are teaching and teach the student more things that are relevant in life.
Manchester School District has some truly wonderful teachers, several of whom were very helpful in preparing their students for college. However, the district is underfunded, the schools are overcrowded, not enough attention is given to the performing arts. The guidance counselors are generally unhelpful, performing only the minimum of their requirements. The schools are not bad, but they have a lot of room for improvement.
Contrary to what people think, the Manchester School District has its perks. For one, its diversity is well beyond anything. Students are not restricted to only English, they can talk to each other in their home language. The teachers are very nice and quite friendly. One little tip: if you want to go to this school district, just know that you will have to work hard by yourself as there are many kids here who do not really appreciate their opportunities.
The teachers in the district are generally good and passionate about teaching. The schoolboard, on the otherhand, can get in the way of actual learning. The superintendent recently stepped down, so some good should be on its way.
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In my classes there were sometimes a lot of students which made it harder to learn. Some teachers were very good and nice, but others were not so much. I was held back in some areas because my teacher failed to teach me well.
In the Manchester School District we have lots of things that are good and bad. I go to Central High School and I have a good time there. I do track and field and cheer and I have had great coaches. The school is very diverse and for the most part everyone gets alone. We have great guidance counselors that will help you out anytime. I would change the school board a little by giving the students more of a say because they are the ones that are going to have to deal with the new changes that are going to be made. They just changed are mid term schedule and the people I have talked to about are not happy with the change and I'm not happy with it either. This schedule will put a lot of stress on most of the students who have a full schedule or close to it. It’s hard to study for so many tests in one day. With the old schedule we had more time to prepare for the test. Those are some of the good and bad things in the Manchester School District.
As I am a senior at Manchester Central High school, I would like to see more trust in the students with more freedom. As a city school Central has a bad reputation as many still are not accepting of all cultures. Our district is spread thin on money, and the teachers currently have no contracts, hurting the schools environment. We have had to cancel many school events including homecoming because of contract controversy. I have loved every minute of central as we have some of the hardest classes to help prepare for college as well as some of the best teachers who truely care for every student. The diversity makes central who it is as everyday I further understand different cultures and they are incorporated into the school. As I graduate this year I hope Central is able to continue to further students education and the district allows more freedom the student deserves.
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