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My time in the Manchester school district was not pleasant if I’m being honest. Often times you would run into teachers that didn’t know what they were doing, or they were straight up rude and obnoxious. If I could relive my life grades K-12 again, I would rather not get an education that ever going here again. I could probably write a whole 5 book series about my experience at this district, instead I am going to spare you the time and let you know this district is by far the worst and is steadily declining.
It is okay. The teachers(some of them) are great but others seem like they are miserable and hate children. I did enjoy school until highschool made it tough but i’m trying so so hard so i can make it to college to be first generation
Manchester Public School system once again is impressive... they have been wonderful since we moved to Manchester in 2013. With the COV19 outbreak, on a *dime* they have completely switched from their regularly scheduled programming to online learning, school buses with school staff delivering assignments and supplies to drop locations, daily email updating for all learning as well as all other updates and drop off communication, and all the while having breakfasts and lunches on hand for the kids that need them. Unbelievably well done!!
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Presents students with many opportunities do well in school and challenge themselves. Both students and teachers are very diverse. Many different teaching styles
The Manchester School District really cares about their students. There are a lot of clubs and sports that students can get involved in. They really prepare their students for the workforce or college.
I’m attending a school under The Manchester School District (MSD), and I must say the schools here overall are average. I transferred to a school in Manchester, roughly 5 years ago. Over the years, I noticed that many schools here, are not funded properly; the funds we received were not spent properly either. For example the school I attend received funding couple months ago. Sadly the money was spent on flat screen TVs and smart boards for each classroom. That seemed to me like a waste of money because many teachers never bothered to use the TVs; we still used projectors, black and white boards. I honestly believe that the funds could have been used for better things.
Although, the schools here are not the best most faculties are great. Many of them are dedicated teachers. Many teachers here teach 2 or 3 different classes and they give up time to help their students.
While the student body is very diverse and the school does provide and great variety of classes and clubs.
The school district did not care about the racial issues I faced as a student. The blatant racism from staff and students.
As a senior I have gone through the entirety of the MSD curriculum. Overall it went very well, my only problem is the limitations in school clubs and school resources. Both were scarce past sports, music, and a key club.
Manchester school district is always all about the teachers, students and their families. They do everything in their power for us to be happy.
The Manchester School District is about as normal as any other public school district. They have been slowly expanding on opportunities for their students and making the educational experience better for everyone. However, it seems that the pay of the teachers is their top priority, above the academic achievement of the students.
There are several things to consider when reflecting upon the Manchester School District. Each school is different and will lead to different experiences and therefore a different education. Most teachers genuinely care about the students and put 150% into their job. Some on the other hand will openly admit they hate teaching! It really it a hit or miss. Truthfully, you must make the most of the various opportunities given to you. That is how you will make it the best it can be.
I love how caring the district is, and how they like to be there for all families. It is wonderful that they have this need and they care so much about people. Even through the difficult times of COVID they still pull through all the staff faculty.
no fired alarms for months and never told anyone, they jeopardized the safty of all staff and children, they are suppose to keep everyone safe. the policy on bull ing is to sweep it under the carpet
Overall decent experience. horrible midterm and final schedule. No time to make up tests if the student is sick and can't show up. Better planning on snow days. Learning experience is okay, didn't learn much over the four years I spent there, teachers are mostly nice, don't put in much effort to get us to actually learn and cement work in our heads. Don't really prepare for the future.
The Manchester School District is pretty average. the schools do their best to provide the the students. Whether it be academically or personal the faculty are always there to support the students. The good point about Manchester school district is the compassion the teachers, guidance counselors, resource teachers, and etc. Everyone in the Manchester area are all different in their own way. There is never just one person, who is the same as someone else, each and every student is unique. Each student come from somewhere different. Manchester school district might not be the best from what other people say about it but overall the people in each elementary, middle, or high school, that are either teacher, faculty, principal, or even custodian all acre for the students in their schools and would do anything to make sure they are taken care of while in the temporary custody.
what i like most about the manchester school district is the diversity. there is never a dull moment in manchester.
I liked how there are many educators in the district that are very passionate about there role in teaching young people. Many go above and beyond in trying to be a positive role model and mentor for younger students. If i where to change something i would change how they prepare students for after high school and incorporate more one on one time with students.
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I think your experience varies significantly depending on which school you go to. Some schools are funded better, some have more diversity, and such. Overall the district is average but I believe it really needs some help in the administration area.
I would have loved to see more students be happy and enlightened to attend school. I feel as if the school district is lacking a little excitement. Some of the teachers are super involved in the school though, and you can definitely tell.
A good thing I always see is staff always trying to improve the students educational experience, but what could be improved are teacher connections with students and understanding our generation.
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