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I grew up in the Manchester Public Schools system, so I have built a large community, which is something I appreciate. However, the past couple years through my college search I (as well as many of my peers) noticed that we had never really been told what actually goes into picking and applying for colleges until the beginning of senior year.
It's a district with a lot of academic programs and different varieties of classes you can take. The teachers are great people that students can relate to. There are also a lot of clubs and sports teams than most other High schools. The school spirit is great when it comes to sports. All these things are great but the way that things are done is absolutely terrible. It makes day to day schooling a constant inconvenience. There are over 20 different schedules in the year. It's too easy to break the rules and get away with it. The town spent 30,000 dollars on a slide on the inside of an elementary school. The following school year, lots of annual field trips were canceled due to lack of funds. It's always an inconvenience to have to deal with all this. If it wasn't for the sports and the clubs, the schools would be completely exhausting to attend.
The Manchester School district is very unique. They offer hundreds of classes from which students get to choose from, and really focus on keeping students involved. They offer many choices and paths to follow throughout their student's careers.
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Per attendance policy, Have student take more responsibility for their actions, Teachers are exceptional, work to make sure all students have they best
change for success in their future
Through my schooling I always had someone to turn to that would help me when I had an issue or problem with anything that was bothering me. In high school at times certain faculty members didn't pay attention to what students needed and were forced to do things on their own which ended up hindering their success
My experience with Manchester's school has been almost entirely pleasant. The teachers and staff that make the every day magic happen are the true heroes of Manchester.
The opportunities we are offered at our school is impeccable. There are classes from all ends of the spectrum that allow students to open their eyes to certain knowledge that is less traditional than always. Its a great school as well because of its diversity and it’s applicability. You are allowed to be immersed in culture outside of your own daily, and is truly marvelous.
Very great. Everybody in the district is supportive and helpful. Staff goes out of their way to help students. Lots of opportunities available
Manchester Community College is flexible, affordable, and of good quality. It offers numerous opportunities to students and adults to further their education and become skilled in their field. The teachers were personable and professional, while also helpful. It offers a variety of majors, career paths, and programs that can be tailored to your needs and wants. Staff and teachers WANT you to do well, and can help you find jobs and other opportunities with ease. The school is known for providing students with a quality education to those who may or may not be able to afford to learn at a four year institution. That being said, MCC lacked in the area of preparing students for transferring to outside college institutions. Although the school has a rich learning environment that embraces all students and adults, the amount of work I completed for MCC is nothing compared to the average student living and learning at a higher four year college.
I have grown up in the Manchester School District and while it has been a great experience I do wish I took advantage of more activities that are offered here.
I am currently a student at Manchester High School and I've been in the Manchester School District since Kindergarten. Between all those years I've attended Washington, Verplanck, Bennet Academy, Illing MS, and now MHS. My experience has been really positive. The teachers at the middle school and high school have been really supportive and want to help you succeed. All my experiences with teachers have been positive. I have never had any problems with them. My transition in between the middle school and high school was very helpful. They have programs here at the high school that help us get to know the school, like the LINK Leaders. The Manchester School District is always including everyone, regardless of anything. We are a diverse town, which makes it a positive place to be in. All departments are unique in a way. We offer programs that not every district can offer. The district is a very positive place to be and learn in.
I liked how Manchester is a family. There were certain events at some of the schools or in the towns that all the schools came together and were proud to live in Manchester (for example the Manchester road race or the homecoming football game/parade at the high school)
I have been a Manchester Resident all my life. Manchester High prepares it's students for the real world by not sugarcoating things. What I have learning in the last 4 years will carry me through the rest of my life.
Manchester is a large school with a lot of diversity. This can teach children early on that life is full of different cultures and people as well as posing challenges. I feel the school does an excellent job in dealing with this environment
Dedicated teachers and staff. The Flex period allows students time to get extra help, make up tests or participate in enrichment activities
It was pretty good. The teachers were very knowledgeable. However, the guidance counselors were not.
I have a son on the autism spectrum, he has been a part of the manchester school district since the day before he turned 3...he will be a 5th grader this year who is smart and funny and who has some amazing classmates who support him and make him feel like part of the group. We have had our growing pains but anytime an issue was brought up to any administrative members...true care and concern has been shown.
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I loved the elementary school experience and the high school one isn't half bad either. I am happy. I would love to see an increase in performing arts as well as help for students. Also, an increase in school lunch quality AND quantity.
Options and opportunities abound, but better communication between faculty and parents is greatly desired.
Manchester high school is a really good school. There is a lot of diversity which i feel is very important. The academics are really good. I feel challenged and I feel like I am ready for college. My school works with UCONN to offer college classes at a high school level. I really like this opportunity as it allows me to save money on college classes. My school is a great school and i would recomend everyone to go to school her because I know they will be satisfied.
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