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Malone Central School District Reviews

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Overall, MaloneCSD did not prepare me well for college and did not actively engage students in learning or inspiring change.
Staff are knowledgeable to helpful. It's a small community so our school has about 800 students which makes class size limited for a better learning environment.
Additional resources and activities for high performing students need to be added. It's a high needs district, so most of the attention seems to go to those that are in highest need.
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Its nice that it is quiet, but our community could use some work, some parents let their kids do as they please in school and outside of school. overall its in the middle for experience
They provide many varieties of clubs. They also have a vast variety of sports. The teachers are nice and are there for you. The want you to succeed and help you reach your goals. School is what you put into it, so make the most of it in Malone.
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