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Maine-Endwell Central School District Reviews

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This school has provide everything i needed and more. Great teachers/ staff. If you need help you can ask anyone and if they cant help you they find the right person. They also have great options for kids to go out into workforce to find out if they really would like that job. Slot of options to explore in whatever you like from sports to music to art they got it all.
I had a great time at Maine-Endwell, however there is a big push for athletics and not as much focus on the academics.
It is a wonderful place to get a quality public education. The staff and administrators are, for the most part, very accommodating and helpful to students.
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The school district of Maine-Endwell was the stepping stone that helped me prepare for the future. The faculty were warming and always willing to lead a hand when needed. They always went an extra mile to assist students. I had teachers that would be staying hours after school already was out just to make sure a student fully understood the topic. The music program was one of the best too. A lot of light is shined on the amazing athletic department, however the music department is somehow even better. They truly raise you into a well-rounded adult. When I have children I will without a doubt have them attend schooling with this wonderful family, because that’s what they are, a family.
the work load is about average, but challenging. they do support us, but they do laso hate their jobs and are miserable.
Maine- Endwell is a terrific high school in a great community. There are many clubs and sports for student to get involved with. Also very strong music programs. In addition there are many college courses offered.
I have attended Maine-Endwell my whole life and I would have never wanted anything else, there is so much to do, so many classes that you can take, and they are so accepting of beliefs, race, and sexuality. they have great food and amazing teachers and I have learned so much education wise and social wise.
I really enjoyed the athletic minded atmosphere however, I wish the guidance office would do a much better job than they have.
My experience with my school district is a love relationship. I love Maine Endwell schools, I have attended K-12 in this district. The teachers and staff are amazing, they know many techniques to help students learn in different ways. The art/ theater and music programs, and sports teams are a huge factor within the district. Many successful students have won scholarships for sports and in the creative programs. Our school has won championships over the years. Students are and have been champion athletes. The coaches are supporting and have been mentors for athletes.
Maine Endwell is very open to the students and the teachers are always proactive about the students. One thing I don’t like about Maine Endwell is that they don’t offer many electives.
I have had a great academic experience. I am very proud to be apart of the Maine Endwell School community. I really feel the teachers put the students first and are interested in seeing us succeed. The teachers in our district are continuously advancing their knowledge and are seen as a district of leadership in our community. While there is bullying everywhere, our school really focuses on acceptance and promoting a positive learning environment. I have played sports for 6 years at our school and have loved every minute of it. Our school takes pride in their athletes. One thing I would like to see changed is the food served. I would like to see more emphasis on healthy, farm-to-table options. There is an obesity epidemic in our country and the food industry has to change,
It’s okay there are a lot of politics surrounding sports but overall it’s pretty good. The academics are good and I love my teachers. The diversity is poor though.
The material learned is very good. You mostly have to do things by yourself at home to get good grades.
Maine Endwell was a great place for me to learn. Teachers were very responsive to my needs. It also provided great extra curricular activities and competitive sports.
My children go to main endwell homerbrink and middle school, I am feeling lucky to come this city and send my children to school here. Best school, best principal, best teachers, and best rules. Thank you all for giving my children best education.
Great school! Had a wonderful experience going here throughout school. Made some really good friends and the teachers made a big impact on my life.
The academics are individualized in the elementary schools so children are challenged, but not overwhelmed. If you are reading at 3rd grade level in 1st grade, you do 3rd grade reading; same for math. The teachers all the way from elementary to high school are very involved and truly care about the students. The high school has a diverse group of students, but it is a caring community with students getting along and extremely low bullying or outcasting. There are many activities to become involved in. College credit courses are available. We have a great sports program that has broke records.
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Maine Endwell was a very good school overall. As a senior, I feel ready to move on the college, the staff was always there to help and the quality of education was great. However, there are many things I would change as well. A lot of money is spent on sports when the money may be needed elsewhere. Also, the diversity in the school is lacking a bit, although that is not the fault of the district. This is why I would say Maine- Endwell is very good overall.
I loved my experience at Maine Endwell. Pretty much all of my teachers were amazing and really cared about the well-being of students and faculty. The activities available to students, such as sports and music, were well directed and made a huge difference in the student's lives. I learned so much about myself from my experience there.
I would like to see more diversity in the Maine Endwell school district. To increase an understanding of different cultures and diversity is essential to having compassion for others in life. Other than that, Maine Endwell is a very good school with teachers who care and students who are kind. Bullying is not a problem there and it is refreshing to see students looking out for one another in a society that doesn't always do the same. The caring students and kinds staff make this school one of the best in the area and I would encourage parents to send their kids there.
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