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The Closeness of all students and staff throughout the school is amazing, educational focuses could be a bit better though.
My experience and Magdalena has been very good. Everyone treats each other like family most of the time. Staff are pretty close to each other. Although I would like to see more parent involvement not only in sports but with school work and clubs. There is also only a few teachers who are really involved with their students I would like to see teachers working with all students even if that means the teacher has to go to the student who looks like they are having trouble. Besides that this is a great over all school.
Magdalena Municipal Schools really cares about all of their kids and is always offering help for someone. They offer so much for every student and athlete!
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I've been going to Magdalena since pre-school. I am currently a senior at this school. I really enjoy attending Magdalena. The teacher and staff are very nice and caring. Everyone takes care of each other like a family. The school is really committed to student education. The sports are wonderful here. I really have enjoyed my experience here.
I have really enjoyed attending school at Magdalena Municipal Schools. It has been, overall, a great experience.
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