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A Very small school Teachers and staff know you by name. Was able to get all of the help that i needed to help me succeed
Overall, I very much enjoyed my time in the Madison Public School District, had many good teachers and made many good friends. Madison also works in conjunction with the Auburn Career Center, providing many student s with great job-readiness training that helps them become more suited for adult life If I had to change anything I think the administration would be my main concern, as I felt that many kids and their family situations were not considered during decision making processes, although that may be due to funding and state government related problems as well. That aside, I am very thankful for growing up in Madison ( and the Madison Public School District) showing me that rural towns like mine provide an excellent place to grow up and learn to be hardworking, diligent and to be open and continue learning for the rest of our lives.
All my high school years have been at Madison High School. The people at Madison were a family and we were all close to one another. People were easy going and it was easy to make friends. During my first year, I didn't know how to make friends because I was very bashful, but people came up to me just to start a conversation. It was very refreshing and it made me feel welcomed at this school. All the staff and the people that worked there were absolutely nice and cared about the students. The food from the cafeteria was amazing and the lunch ladies were really sweet and cared a lot about the students. I got involved and I made a lot of friends at this school. I love this school and I am so glad that I got to spend my last four years of High School here.
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I enjoyed the ways the school was active in the community through sports and volunteer work. The relationships made still continue till this day with teachers and friends. The teaching of offered courses was very involved. One thing I would like to see is more courses offered.
It was small so you are able to get to know the teachers well and have one on one help most of the time. There was not a lot of extracurricular activities offered though and the equipment was run down, specifically the track. There was also not a lot of AP courses offered, but there were a lot of Honors courses.
The classes that Madison offers are wide and diverse, and can fit around any hard working student. Their are holes in the ceilings and buckets collect the water whenever it rains. Why isn't this fixed? The teachers are nice, friendly, and helpful. There aren't many funded extracurricular like Lacrosse team which many other schools always have. Madison needs more money to help with schools. But we love the teachers and education. They do offer college classes which is nice. And the principal of Madison High School is the best. We all love him and he goes above and beyond. He is nice, sweet, funny, and truly cares about students.
I liked how Madison is a small community and we are always there for each other, but everything is about the football team and fundraisers get put into the football team. The girl's softball team raised money for a score board (which we still don't have) and the money went to the football team. They don't use money the correct way. But Madison has great teachers that will always be there to talk to you if you need it and our principal is the best, he really cares about the kids. Madison is just poor and the elderly over powers the adults with kids in the school systems, so whenever we have polls they get rejected because the elderly don't understand that we need these nice things.
Madison High School, is a very good high school. The staff is wonderful and the curriculums, clubs, and other things that are offered are astounding. My only complaint about the school is that there is hardly any air conditioning in the school, but that is a cosmetic thing, not a faculty issue. The one thing that I would like to see change is there are more classes offered for different majors that kids would like to go into when they go to college. There are handfuls of things that are offered, like intro to psych classes and AP classes, but I feel that they could add more, such as an early childhood development class or a pre-med background class.
When I was in the 8th grade my school experienced a life changing event, a shooting. Madison School District went the extra mile by hiring extra counselors to ensure that every kid got the support they needed. They also had random checks when you walked into school, which included medal detecting wands, searching backpacks, and purses. I feel the things Madison has put into place has made me personally feel safer at school.
Great opportunites and many classes to take to prepare you for life. Advanced classes with teachers preparing you for the exam
School needs more resources for students. Also better control over student behavior. Just overall bad administrators...Great teachers though but could offer more clubs or college readiness materials...and maybe tutoring..
Madison High school is so much more than a school, it’s where I have been shaped into the person I am today.
There was so much to love about Madison high school. I was very successful in sports there and they did a great job in lining me up for college. The teachers there were great and truly cared about the students. As well as the higher up positions there. They were always searching for a way to better the students and that is all you can ask for from a school staff.
The people that are a part of the Madison School District are kind and understanding. We could really use an upgrade on the high school building but other than that it’s a great school district.
I really enjoyed Madison High; however, I do believe the school cared more about extracurricular activities and events than they did education. There was very little funding for education supplies like textbooks but, there was tons of money and funding for the football and basketball teams.
My experience growing up in the Madison School District was very positive. The small town environment that is created made coming to school fun. The teachers and faculty were definitely what made the experience so great. They were all highly professional and helpful. Additionally, the sports programs were excellent. Overall, the Madison school district was an amazing place to receive an education.
The school itself isn't in great condition. Not much money to spend on anything, seems like the football team is above all when it comes to funds. Most teachers are great- they really care about you doing well and want to help. AP teachers do a great job preparing for the tests. Pretty much an all white school, but not much you can do to change that. Never felt unsafe or in danger in any way.
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Madison High School is the best high school. Being new to the district and a high school freshman at the same time, it was nerve- wracking, but the thing is, this school made me feel like home: welcomed, invited and a part of something good. I got involved in music and performing arts and made a lot of friends. My teachers are very supportive and encouraging. I am very excited about my future in college after graduating because I have such a strong and positive community in Madison HS.
One of the things I enjoyed about Madison Schools is the competitiveness in athletics and the extra opportunities they offered outside of the classroom. I would like to see some staff changes as the teachers weren't always there for the benefit of the student but rather them self.
I’d like to see bully’s receiving more discipline. More lunch choices, more activities involving music.
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