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New school board and superintendent have made enormous strides to refloat a former sinking ship. Between the four schools, Madison Early Childhood Center, Madison Elementary, Wilkinson Middle School, Madison High School and Madison Preperatory Academy, many new and improved programs have been launched this past school year.
It was a very great school to go to learned alot through the teachers and grew up with alot of the students really and loved the culture there and new people coming in and our sports teams where always great and I was a student athlete there as well it is a great high school to attend
This High School needs a new staff that can provide fairness to all students.

The High school needs more sports for female students.

A percentage a teacher fail to reply to parents emails.

The school needs equality of all cultural and male/female students. Fairness to all matters.
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The experience was good for my 4 years, I met some good friends and associates plus great Teachers! I learned a lot that will help me out here in the real world. I will miss my fellow Madison School and truly will never forget them
Madison High has good attributes that relate to the growth and development of minority children and local children in district. Madison High focuses on children future and educational success. Madison High is more for children who are struggling and children who need a challenge in growth and advance work. The focus of success causes Madison High children to receive more information in their educational goals and successful careers..
Madison school district provides a safe educational and caring environment for their students. Their main focus is for their students to take advantage of the knowledge that the teachers have to provide.Madison has Yondr pouches for the students phones during all core classes so they're not distracted and are focused . Madison have many procedures that keep us safe at all times , such as the twenty minute rule during class time , digital camera by the office to see who's entering the building before the doors buzzing them in . Madison provides second breakfast during second hour , has four different types of lunches during lunch , also provides an after school lunching . Overall this school is phenomenal has a great learning curriculum , teachers are wonderful and make sure their students are always being productive and successful scholars .
My experience at Madison was memorable in many ways, but what I appreciated the most was its diversity. It prepared me for living in a multicultural world since I was exposed to people from many backgrounds. What i would like to see change is the amount of funding Madison Districts recieves.
Madison was an experience, there were so many different cultures and ethnicities. The atmosphere was laid back, but the rules were tightfisted enough where things weren't out of control. The teachers cared about you and spoke to you throughout your problems, bullying almost never seemed like a problem. It had its problems, but what public school doesn't? There's a lot to like about Madison, but a lot to dislike as well. While being minority dominated schools, there were definitely times where the faculty showed their almost blatant bias towards the majority race.
I went to Madison District Public Schools my entire life from pre-school all the way to senior year. Madison Schools are very diverse with a plethora of different races, religions, etc. All of the staff makes you feel welcome in their school the only way I could describe the relationships all of the students and staff has is we are a family. I have met some of the most amazing an inspiring people in my life while attending school at Madison. I still frequently keep in contact with a lot of my high school teachers for advice, and just to talk. I would recommend this school district to any parent looking for a great place for their child
This school district is great. The teachers are very supportive and helpful. The schools are diverse. All the students get along.
I am a recent Graduate of MDPS and I went there all 12 years. I enjoyed my time there but its all about what you put into the school experience for yourself.
My experience at Madison High School was overall a good one. One thing that I like about the schools is that we actually come together with the community. One thing I would probably have to change is having them put in place senior dues for us because it will make everything easier for the seniors and the parents.
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