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There is nothing bad about the district but I also feel like there is nothing special about it either. There is teachers, administrators and counselors that are very helpful. I always felt safe there. Then again I feel that I am not prepared or ready for college yet. I had teachers where I learned very little from or didn't know how to control the classroom. Making the learning experience hard to concentrate or to pay attention.
All in all I would like Madera Unified School District to get in more on how the teacher is or maybe have higher requirements or maybe a higher pay because not all the teachers are always very good and don’t care about their students as much as they should to get the highest possible chance to get the best learning experience they can get.
Madera Unified really cares about the success of their students, they are always holding meeting to show the community the good that the students accomplish. I think that the Madera Unified school district can hold more events honoring students accomplishments in order to show how hard working they are.
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I like that this school district is small, yet diverse. Everybody knows everyone and has a close relationship with staff and students throughout the district. I would like to see the quality of education improve, though. The atmosphere is good but the learning needs help
I have been involved with Madera Unified School District all my life. I have gone to Howard Elementary School and to Madera High School and loved the environment, programs, and teachers. I love this district so much that I started working for them. The people are just great people to be in a working environment with.
What I liked about Madera Unified is that they provided the best care in school and brought out happiness to the students in my district. I would not change anything about this district.
The school culture Is amazing. I have had great motivating and learning experiences from this school districts. The field trips and involvement helped me find my true passion. All my teachers guided me properly and prepared me for college but, I wish there were more opportunities and courses in our district. Other than that, I am proud to be a part of Madera Unified.
N/A For Now. Although I personally say that the school district might want to consider changing current rules.
What I appreciate personally from Madera Unifed School District is that they set fourth an excellent example of educatuding students to become critical thinkers, productive students and overall the success in taking on any obstacle beyond the school.
My personal experience being in the MUSD all of my education years was great. I really enjoyed going to Parkwood Elementary because my teachers there were all very amazing, supportive, and very well at their job that was teaching us and keeping us their students safe. I really enjoyed everything and as a student in high school I really love the CTE teachers at Madera South.
The food wasn't the best, the hot dogs were extremely questionable. A few people got sick from eating the hot dogs. There were some teachers who weren't good at their job per se, they didn't teach at all. One of my teachers did not teach and we were not ready at all for the AP test. But, there are a few teachers who I love and would have again, but there were only a few, unfortunately.
I think allowing teachers to have a say in board decisions would be a great idea. Teachers know their students and learning environment better than the board who assumes things should be done, in their way.
The education provided is great but the school needs more school spirit and students need to be spaced out equally within high schools.
Hybrid homeschooling is the best, and Western Sierra charter school has wonderful staff, great clubs, and enrichment classes. I love my son's special Ed teacher. She has CP so she has first-hand knowledge of how to get him the help he needs to be successful.
Overall kids there seems to be pretty nice to one another and not much discrimination happens. Small towns that seems to lack diversity but very well grounded individuals.
At Madera Unified, I was educated K-12 and was prepared for college. Through the right teaching and taking Ap courses, I was able to understand how college would be. Something that could change would be that there should be classes offered for students pursing a career in dentistry. There should also be tutors at high schools
My experience with the Madera Unified School District has been positive due to the heritage around the district. The district is predominantly hispanic and as a hispanic my self I feel comfortable being here. The education also has great opportunites.
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Madera School District is an amazing district to be in! They host great events at all school levels and for the most part hire great staff and teachers! I really enjoy my high schools FFA program which thanks to the school district we have been able to keep running for the longest time !
The only negative about the school district is how they are changing the grading system in math. Basically they are changing it so that.... for example say you got A’s on all your tests all year long and then your grade drops down to an f on the last test. In a normal grading system it would take little toll on your grade maybe giving you a B ... but in our grading system it would bring your overall grade down to an F because the computer will predict that you won’t be able to improve. I absolutely hate this. Majority of the kids failed there math classes this year at my high school due to the new system!
Stay away, if you can send your student to one of the surrounding districts I would advise so. The admin at school and in the district are not as effective as other districts. Not only this, as a teacher you will struggle with the behind the scenes politics that is occurring and the overall culture of the district is not a healthy environment for the students or teachers.
The district is great but sometimes the rules are unfair and the teachers need improvement and to many tests. The tests are hard but overall it is alright.
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