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I had a great experience at MHS. The staff are super friendly and there's lots of different things to be involved in extracurricular-wise
As a student at Maconaquah High School, I can say that I do think our art, music, and sports programs are doing great. On the other hand, I think there could be an major improvement on academics and how teachers are teaching.
We recently went to two other schools I have one child with five diffrent learning disabilities the teachers a Maconaquah are amazing I have seen a tremendous diffrent in my childs education they take that extra time and they actually are guininely concerned about your children excelling. Since going there my oldest has gained so much confident and actually likes going to school now. It was the best move I have chosen for my children.
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Maconaquah School Corporation didn't leave me feeling prepared for college, or life in general. They care about numbers, and less about students, or at least that is what has been perceived.
I had a good time at Maconaquah. I made a lot of connections and still are friends with them even after graduation. The school was my home for eight years and I have fond memories of it. Overall it was a good school.
I have had a great experience learning at Maconaquah School. They are more advanced in teaching skills, and electronic equipment. The schools do a great job at preparing me for College and everyday life.
My experience at Maconaquah High School has been an enjoyable one. They handle important issues with care. I have never felt out of place at Maconaquah and I will cherish memories I have made there forever. Contrary to popular belief, their school lunches are not horrible either. In the future, Maconaquah High School, should get their teachers more active in student lives. It is important that all students can feel at home and safe at their school. Maconaquah staff could improve in the student-teacher relationships in order to prevent a horrific event from possibly happening. However, Maconaquah High School does its best to attend to our needs overall and it is greatly appreciated.
It was a good school. Lots of friendly teachers who work well with their students. Lots of fun clubs and programs are offered.
Maconaquah Schools was a great place for my family. The size and rural location was quaint and safe. The school really supports their sports and over the years are developing more support for the arts and agricultural extracurriculars. The biggest change I would like to see is from an administrative view. Too many times have I seen teachers and administrators look the other way when bullying arises. They follow a reactive protocol that is often too late rather than a proactive mentality. I really feel there are great minds and people at Maconaquah, but administrators "play favorites" and only invest or show interest in students that clearly have support and show promise rather than encouraging the child that has a poor home life or is more of the introvert in a classroom. They need to help the underdogs shine.
I liked nothing about Maconaquah. I graduated a year early and my entire senior year, I was excluded from all senior activities. Graduation day, my name wasn’t even on the photo list. The school did nothing but screw me over and I don’t recommend it at all. Unless you’re family contributes to the schooo in some way, or you’re an athlete, the school treats you like crap.
Some changes I would like to see: 1. More hands on teaching from the teachers instead of just being expected to teach ourselves via a computer/internet.
I have truly have enjoyed going to Maconaquah. The teachers will help you and make sure that everyone participates in class activities. Maconaquah may not have the best equipment, the best team, or the best marching band, but it does have teachers that will help you. Another thing I like about Maconaquah is that I don't have to worry about losing any days of my summer.
I went to maconaquah high school and it was a pretty normal experience. They staff was helpful even though some of the kids would not listen.
My experience in the Maconaquah School Corporation was good for the most part, of course it some ups and downs like other schools. What was really great about the Maconaquah system was having laptops to do school work online. The laptops made it easier to do and access school work. If I had to change anything about the system I would only change how much work was done on the laptops. Although, the laptops made things easier we can't accomplish everything with the laptops.
More after school programs to get kids involved in their community. There is really no after school activities beside sports. With living in a rural community it would be nice if the school took a more active role in assisting kids with after school activities. Alot of the facilities seem run down and outdated.
Typical small school. Everything's about politics, or who knows who. Very hard to get recognition for anything if you're not from a family with money.
Small, good school. Teachers are nice, classes are good, and the food is decent. Good school district.
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I really enjoy the fact that my school is not in a big city. I also like knowing that from kindergarten to 12th grade I will be located on the same property because all of my schools are in the same location.
Maconaquah lets the students get involved many different ways. From the clubs they had to sports. Something I would change is making sure no one is getting bullied and that most of the students are happy.
I've had a very positive experience at Maconaquah. The teachers are very approachable if you need help, and the sports programs are great!
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