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My experience at Yerington High School has been good. I’ve had a good experience because I have been able to know most of the students that attend classes and school overall due to how small the school is. One thing that I have to say for sure is that all the teacher that I have had over my high school years have been very helpful in my education. Now that I’m taking some college classes at the same time that I’m doing high school classes they always say they if I have problems with my classes and they can help they will. Other thing that made my experience in high school really good was the sport I played, the only posta I played is soccer and the coaches were really interested in my personal life as well as my academics.
It’s absolutely horrible, the kids there are just rude and the administrators just want to make money so that’s why they are there. Rest of the staff there are really cool, they have been helping out with my first year of college.Also the teachers seem to be really cool to be around with.
Lyon County School District has schools that care about their students safety and academic learning. I’m a very proud product of the LCSD. I highly recommend these schools to all families.
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I have really enjoyed my experience with Lyon County School District. I cannot complain. Both of my parents work for Lyon County as teachers. They have given us many great opportunities. Lyon County is definitely a very tight knit community.
I believe that the staff at the schools want to help me have a better future. They take time out of their busy days to help me.
We don't really get a lot of funding at Dayton High School, so our desks are in poor shape. We just got crappy laptops that we can't even print things on. Kids fight and get Apep which is in school suspension which the kids do nothing in. Poor quality of punishment.
It's pretty average for a small school. Everyone knows each other. Everyone knows everything about everyone so privacy is a bit off. There's not much going on so the years just coast by. The schools are nice and stuff, not much to complain about.
The one thing I like about this district is that the teachers care about the education of each and every student. They don't let you give up on anything you do. One thing that should change is letting the seniors decorate their cap however they want, its their cap and they should have the freedom to decorate it however you want
Lyon County School District all around is a respectful district. One thing I respect is that when I moved to Nevada, their education system wasn't too advanced for me to pick up where I left off from my previous high school.
I like how they problem solve. One thing I would like to see changed is less limits on sites you can access. There are times when we can’t access educational websites and have to skip doing assignments because of it, but overall it’s not a bad district.
I wish the school had more activities like not sports but clubs. Like book club maybe, or even and art or community services club.
I enjoyed all of my years in Lyon County Schools except for my High School Years. I did not receive any help with applying for colleges and scholarships or any direction to help with my future. The high schools need to provide better counseling services for those wanting to further their education.
All the schools in my area are nice, the middle school and high school lack good math teachers and parent involvement.
This school district is literally the worst, no one at the headquarters knows what they're doing. Every time they do make a decision, it's either forced or completely useless. If you are planning on going to a Lyon county school change your mind. Go to Carson city or Reno.
I liked the fact that they had a great weights program. Other than that, there were very few teachers who actually cared if the students learned anything, and it was honestly kind of hard to stay optimistic about keeping good grades.
The Lyon County school district is an amazing one. I love going to school here and look forward to class everyday. I have learned so much in such a short period of time and am looking forward to learning so much more. The teachers and people here are all so kind and make the learning environment exceptional.
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