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Lyon County Public Schools Reviews

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Wonderful school, the teachers are great. The class sizes are small. Community involvement and support are top notch. Some very successful athletic teams.
I love it! All that I would like to see change is the favoritism. Although my experience has been very well, many things could be improved.
I liked how everyone, including the teachers are tight knit. I could go to anyone anytime I needed help. I’m glad I had the teachers that I had because they helped me through all of school
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I like that the school is small and you pretty much know everyone. The teachers know everybody by name. I feel very safe at this school. Some kids just like at any school there are some that think they are better than everybody, and that the world owes them something. The teachers used to just teach you what is on the test at the end of the year but they have gotten better at that. I have been at this school since I was 4 years old and I'm about to turn 18 and the whole time I lived here the food was good but got very bad over the years. The school needs better food though it's been getting a little better but one time last year they fed us a whole wheat hot dog bun with a cheese stick melted in it and that was the main part of that meal
I loved going to Lyon County Schools because of the small student to teacher ratio. That meant more one on one time with a greater chance of learning new objectives. I really enjoyed growing up in a small town for the sole reason that everyone knew everybody, and the big events included the school sports like basketball or baseball. The thing I would like to see change within the school district is the availability of Advanced Placement courses to be offered to the freshmen and sophomores. The only thing I disliked about Lyon County was the fact that we weren't allowed to take AP courses until our senior year and that caused a hectic schedule.
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