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What I love about this district is that it shows a lot of pride for my culture. Lynwood is impacted with many Hispanics and it is nice to see so many events that represent different Hispanic/Latin cultures. They also give out so many resources for jobs, volunteer work, and community service as well as college courses and programs to help students in their career choices and school credits
I love Lynwood! So many opportunities available that allow students to flourish academically! College resources are awesome!
My experience at Lynwood Unified School District was definitely something that has impacted m life. I grew up here my whole life so I became accustomed to everything my school had to offer. I personally think that you can be successful no matter where you're at. There was less resources that I was given, but it wasn't impossible to obtain them. I dedicated my life to my education and I did seek for all the support I could obtain and now I will be attending University of Southern California. I hope that others are aware that the district is only a factor but not a limitation to what you can achieve.
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This distrcit does not care about their student about 30% of the staff actually care about students.
Overall the schools in the district are good but many things in the schools can be better. I would like to see the staff and students change the attitude that they have towards each other and also the management of the bathrooms and classrooms.
Lynwood Unified School District is home to many past and current students. I feel that safety really should be improved a little more than what it already is. The substitutes are not very good and there are some teachers that are not such the best. The administration is always kind and welcoming of course. when it comes to sports, not as good but at least student-athletes put a lot of effort I suppose. when it comes to the food, it's alright but I do see that there should be a little more improvement of course. Parent involvement is always huge. Clubs and Activities are limited actually from how I see it in my point of view. Overall, Lynwood Unified has been a very good school district as the school administration board does as much as possible for the schools and their students.
That there are many people who support you such as you parents and teachers. They guide you to right path. The only thing I dislike is the food could be better.
Although there are many great opportunities and teachers. The below average teachers and lacking f certain activities are as well.
Lynwood Unified School District views their students as money for the administrator's pockets rather than hard working achievers who want to make the community a better place. They put money into their own pockets and care less about how our facilities look, they've allowed teachers to run classrooms wild without any knowledge actually sticking to the kid's minds.
Our district needs to be more involved in the schools, finding ways to help them. All the students are the ones trying to make it a healthy safe living enviorment.
I have been in this district for many years and I think it is very good. The district helps a lot of kids who do not have money. They also give decent lunchs which also helps the children. Even though the schools are not the prettiest schools most of the teachers are good in this district. My parent put me in the this district since I was in elementary and I am now currently in my senior year of highschool. It has been a lot of years that I have been studing with the district.
I've grown up attending schools in the Lynwood unified school district. I've grown as a person as well as academically. My experience here has been what's made me who I am today, a college ready student ready to take on the world.
What I liked about being part of LUSD is the improving and expanding resources provided for furthering your education, getting involved with the community, and extracurriculars; although, there has been instances where the district can be inefficient. What can be improved is the work ethic being put in to help alleviate the different needs of students.
What I liked about LUSD is that most of the teachers I encountered really cared and loved their students. But unfortunately they were not funded how they should have been to help the children in the way they wanted. Like every teacher a lot was out of their pockets.
Throughout my high school career there were many things I liked and many things I wasn't very fond of. For example, my junior year I was given a teacher that was known for not ever teaching but, because he was there for many years he couldn't be fired. All we did was sit there and play cards. However, many of my teachers were amazing and taught me so much. Another thing I disliked was how lenient the security guards were, many times they would hang out with the kids ditching instead of reprimanding them.
I hated it terrible district I wish I never came here I should’ve gone to downey I hate everything and everyone
I like the help I received from the advisers in the college and career center it was really helpful during college applications.
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Lynwood Unified is far one of the best schools in terms of culture and involvement! My success in academics is above and beyond as I was able to receive the help from all staff and advisors! One improvement that the school can have is renewing restrooms as it is not as sanitary. Love this school overall
My experience in the Lynwood district has been a good one. I did end up being ready for college and I have been supported throughout my years. The district is not the best, we don't have the budget for any major things, but we continue to have things like IB and AP.
What I liked about Lynwood Unified School District was that there was always opportunities for us student to participate in any events. This district would always show us how important our cultures is important. This districts would never turn down aid to any student nor staff members.
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