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Lynnfield Public Schools Reviews

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In my experience attending all 12 years in the Lynnfield Public Schools system, I personally had an alright time. The schools lack diversity within the students, and especially within the teachers. In addition, the school has pretty small class sizes, which has many pros and cons; a pro would be having the ability to know all of the people in your grade, a con would be that people are very cliquey because word travels pretty fast. Overall, the academics were good.
The school never has any major problems. Everybody is nice to one another and always looking out for one another. The staff is very involved with students and is always trying to figure out what is best for each and every student
A great HS experience, especially the extracurricular clubs with music, vocal arts, and drama! Teachers are top notch and AP courses are demanding, but fair.
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Lynnfield Public Schools are known to be excellent. Small classes, excellent teachers, a wide variety of activities and sports, and the students have great respect for one another.
With my learning disabilities I have struggled my whole life, Lynnfield High School has helped me over come so many obstacles I never thought I could do!
Best school education I moved to the town it was the right decision fo my kids
I have 2 girls and two boys !!
I’m so happy and my kids happy too !!
I was a new student there and I missed my old school very much. It was a very tough transition for me especially when it was during my junior year.
Lynnfield has a great public school system! Most of the teachers truly care about their students and their success.
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