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Lynchburg-Clay Local School District Reviews

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Lynchburg-Clay is a very close knit school district, everyone knows everyone. The faculty at all three schools are well rounded people. If you needed help with anything in a moments notice any one person would help you out.
There are some positives and negatives about Lynchburg-Clay Local Schools. A positive is that the sports programs are strong in our district. Another positive about Lynchburg-Clay is that the teachers are easy to talk to. If a student is having trouble in class or they are having personal problems, the teachers are always available to talk to and help the student. Also, another positive thing about the school is the safety precautions. The school staff and the resource officers have all organized plans for an situation that may occur. The school is a safe place. A negative aspect of Lynchburg-Clay is that the sports and academics can focus on one specific individual due to their name. Also, another negative aspect is the schools lunch’s. As a matter of fact, there is a lunch that consists of only two bosco sticks, a fruit cup, and a milk. This is not a filling or healthy lunch because all it is is two buttery stick filled with cheese.
The staff always puts your needs first. They are very easy to talk to and get along with. Their academic program is slightly lacking, for example, only one foreign language classes. However, otherwise pretty well.
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Education was great but limited due to very limited honors classes. Sometimes athletics were more important than academics but I think you get that anywhere when a big game is coming up. Overall, very nice school and very accepting of individuals.
I like that Lynchburg-Clay is a small town school. The teachers know everyone by name- you aren't just a number. I like that the class sizes are small. The teachers know who your family is and are supportive of the community. On the flip side, since the schools are so small there aren't as many options when it comes to electives for foreign language, and other tech type questions.
This school is extremely small. Some people may enjoy going to school with the same people they have known their whole life, but others may feel cramped and uncomfortable in a place where everyone seems to know their business. Academics are considered some of the best in the area, but the actual facilities might be considered lackluster.
Students are presented with the opportunity to take dual credit class, go to a vocational school, and or stay and take high level classes!
great school and great community, graduated 3 years ago and would highly recommend this school. great academics as well as athletics
I have enjoyed my time at Lynchburg-Clay. The staff are all very caring and look out for each of their students. They also make sure that their students education is a priority.
I loved the atmosphere of the school. All the teachers are amazing and do a very good job with their studies. The classes are great, and the every staff member is 100% committed to helping every student graduate. Really a great place to go to high school.
My overall personal experience at Lynchburg-Clay was decent. I earned good grades and had a good group of friends. In order to let other students at have a good or even better experience than I did would be to offer a bigger variety of classes and not to be so strict. For the most part students are good but if one person does wrong, everyone else suffers and I don't believe that is fair. Furthermore, I feel as if students should have more freedom, more freedom to use the restroom, decorate the school and to pick clubs.
I very much appreciated how hard the staff and teachers worked to keep bullying to a minimum in the school, and when bullying did happen, teachers would take time to talk to the students, those being bullied and those doing the bullying, and would work hard to solver the problem behind the bullying. The school was small, however, and so there weren't many chances for A.P. classes. I wish I could've taken more than just two.
Love the education , I started going to Lynchburg in the 7th grade, coming from Wilmington Ohio. When I came to Lynchburg they soon found out I had a learning problem with English, reading, spelling. Which I would have found out way before 7th grade. Still to this day I have issues.
Lynchburg Clay is a very well rounded school. They are ranked high when it comes to testing scores. Everyone there is very unique and kind, staff and students. The only thing that bothered me there was that the academic program got way more attention than our other many successful programs.
Lynchburg Clay High School had proven to be successful in its education, over my high school experience. The teachers don't just give you any grades, they challenge you to earn them instead. This has helped me tremendously by actually learning the contents of every course instead of just flying through the classes. The staff insures that you are ready for any test whether it is a school exam, or a state exam. The school also rewards you for any academic achievements that you've earned. Lynchburg Clay High School has prepared me for any test, exam, and more importantly college classes. I've started taking CCP classes and Lynchburg Clay has prepared me to be a hard worker and dedicate my work into studying for any exams or courses. If it weren't for Lynchburg Clay High School, I wouldn't be the hard worker, leader, and man that I am now.
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