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As far as small school education goes, Luverne is doing a great job. This school is also excelling in their extra activities, although they could be focusing more on the fine arts in some cases. Overall I enjoyed my experience there greatly!
I had a great time in high school. It is such an amazing community full of good people. Everyone is always so willing to help each other out especially in times of need, like right now. If I could change one thing about the school it’s self I’d definitely want the staff to be more willing to help us kids out. It was my senior year and I just never really felt like I had anyone to go to that actually cared about what we needed from them. Other than that problem I enjoyed going to class and always having a face you know around the halls.
I think Luverne schools are very nice. They have a very good academic program and I learn a lot when I go to school. They have very good sports programs and most people are involved in an activity at the school. I would like to see the administration show a little more hospitality than they do now, but other than that Luverne public school is a great place to have grown up in.
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The staff at LHS are very helpful and help students find what their career goals are or life goals are.
The staff is very knowledgable about the content needed to be learned and assessed, and as students approached their senior year, the teachers were able to treat students in a college-like setting to help show what expectations are set by college professors.
Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Luverne. There are a lot of activities to get involved in and a lot of opportunities for success. I love how there are so many options to receive college credit before actually going to college. This helps me feel prepared by already having some credits. The school is being updated periodically technologically and also structurally. The only thing I would change is the building itself since it is older.
I feel like I'm obligated to give my school five stars, since the district is the reason I'm me. But the Luverne Public School district is really a five star worthy school. Almost every single teacher is dedicated to helping students learn. They don't want to have us memorize details, but rather understand why things are the way they are. Almost every single student I know loves the teachers and have a serious connection with the school. The school also has good resources for students attending college. The college graduation rate is much higher above average here, and the local scholarship program is really good as well. Last year, the program handed out several hundred thousand dollars to graduating seniors. The only thing I would change about the school is the course selection. Since the school doesn't have enough teachers or resources around, it lacks enough advanced placement courses or college level courses. But everything else about the school is incredibly beneficial.
Luverne is my home. Being involved with LHS, I have seen so much community involvement and support for everyone in any type of activity or sport. My favorite memory is at every single marching band competition, the parents would make pink, fluffy, feathered signs and lead the crowd in cheers as we walked onto the field. It made me so proud to be a Luverne Cardinal. I think in the last few years, through the push of coaches in the fine arts department, the school has given more resources. I appreciate our school starting to be able to see beyond what brings in the biggest revenue, and instead investing in the students. Hockey is probably the biggest program and activity in the school district and it is a great program! The people in this school are predominantly white however and administration puts up with what could be racist and misogynistic comments. This is an issue that needs attention.
Overall my experience at Luverne has been really good. I am impressed with the academics and classes available to prepare me for college. My teachers are always around to help me with anything, and I know that my school is doing the best possible to not only allow me to enjoy my time there, but also to grow as a person and learn. I am very pleased with my overall experience with Luverne Public School District.
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