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It is not bad just the people seem all the same, not a lot of diversity mostly white people. The rules are very lenient back and you can wear whatever you want and not be looked at a certain way.
I could not be more grateful to have attended Lower Dauphin. The school district holds a high level of commitment to their students. They are dedicated to supporting and encouraging students to set and achieve goals. The teachers are kind, and hardworking when it comes to providing education to the attending students. I am beyond grateful to have attended a school like Lower Dauphin, where I felt like my education, and mental health was their first priority.
I think Lower Dauphin is a very good school. The teachers genuinely care about the students, and do a great job.
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I personally loved my experience at Lower Dauphin. The staff will do everything they possibly can to see their students succeed. The school is filled with caring and compassionate teachers who genuinely love what they do.
Prepared me for college, helpful and caring teachers, range of clubs and activities, decent food, always felt safe
Lower dauphin Highschool is an excellent school. I’ve met my Bestfriends here. Some teachers go the extra mile to see their students succeed. They challenge you to become a better version of yourself. In the classroom and outside of it.
I go to this school and I really like it! There is not that much that needs to be changed. Recently we added a water bottle refill station to cut down on our plastic waste, and we have a garden.
It was a good school district, but nothing that special. The schooling is good and you are given a little freedom when choosing your classes and class levels. Some of the teachers were great, but others didn't make the experience very exciting. There were also issues with two of the teachers in the high school and they took care of things quickly and didn't make a big deal out of it. Overall it wasn't that bad of an experience.
Average, it’s not the best 4 years if you’re life but the school gets you places. Overall, I’d say the teachers are what make the school good. They care and help you the best they can and want to see you succeed as well as sports coaches who help get you recruited. The administration could improve. I’ve seen people bullied and administrators do nothing and that is sad coming from a school that pronates kindness.
ld is a very good school district they really do care about the kids. you could ask any teacher to stay after school and help you and they will gladly do it they really just want the best for all the kids
I think the overall environment of the school is really good. Students and teachers usually have good relationships, which makes it easy to learn and do well. There are also a lot of different opportunities in clubs, activities and sports, so everyone is able to find something that they can participate in if they want to, and enjoy. Communication between the district overall and the families(students and parents) I think could sometimes be better.
As a senior at Lower Dauphin, I’ve experienced it all. Through the several teachers fired for everything from child pornography to indecent assault, the school’s reputation is only saved by a handful of engaged teachers, and an above average athletics program. Our school is shadowed deeply by Hershey, as they superceed us in nearly every catagory. I strongly dislike this school, and would not recommend it to anyone moving into the area. Not only because of the above mentioned teachers, but because of the fact that the education given here is subpar and biased towards athletes and favorite students, leaving others to struggle immensly.
At LD you will get a huge mix of different types of people including personalities, races, opinions, and morals. As teachers go, I have never personally had a teacher that I extremely disliked. While I definitely preferred some over others, it’s hard to go wrong at LD.
Lower Dauphin is a great school to attend. It helps students achieve success. The district has an extremely safe environment and location is in a safe neighborhood.
We are one big family at Lower Dauphin. The variety of students all support each other, such as the athletes going to see the musical and vice versa. My only complaint about Lower Dauphin is the school Laptop provided. They are not reliable and the 'Help Nest' is not always helpful in fixing problems.
I like the positive environment created by the teachers and administrators. I also the choices in electives and the flexibility of the schedule with dual enrollment or internships.
The teachers and staff are great for the most part. Elementary and high school levels have the best staff members, while the middle school is where the trouble happens. The reason for this is because the teachers just act like they don’t care in seventh and eighth grade. The high school staff, including everyone from teachers to the office ladies are amazing at what they do. I’ve only had two teachers that have been less than average. However, when it comes to the students and the building itself, there is no diversity whatsoever and the building always has leaks through the ceiling from bad pipes.
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I was a part of the LDSD community from K-12 to 12th grade and I think it was one of the best school districts in Central PA. As with any district it has its strengths and weaknesses but, I feel like Lower Dauphin fully prepared me for my life after high school. I was able to get an early start on my college degree with little to no hassle. The LDSD community could be more diverse however, that's not really the school district's fault. Their schools are top notch compared to the other schools in the area!
The teachers at Lower Dauphin are incredible! They truly care about our education and are always willing to teach beyond the textbook. Classes are often filled with open discussions. The only negative is the lack of diversity. I rarely met students from different cultures or backgrounds.
Had an awesome experience at Lower Dauphin. I was homeschooled before I started at Lower Dauphin Middle school in 7th grade. Within the first week of school, I had met so many kind people and already had some amazing friends that I still keep in touch with today! Faculty and teachers go above and beyond the classroom!
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