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I went to Lowellville from Kindergarten to my graduation in 2018. The school and teachers challenged us and gave us the resources we needed to succeed. Academically and musically I would say that Lowellville is the best in Mahoning county. Even though the school is small students still bring it their all when it comes to athletics. I would like to see Lowellville's open and enrollment program expanded to bring more students with different interests into the school. I would encourage Lowellville to offer as many outlets for students to express themselves as they. They could partner with another school to allow students a chance at soccer, wrestling, swimming or book club. I love the wellness club that Lowellville created to allow older students to be examples and teach younger students about good morals and staying healthy. I am so excited that my little brother is already a part of it! He is in kindergarten and is already enjoying reading full books.
I love the small family, like setting and what I don't like is we don't have art class or a soccer team. I love how our school is just one campus and our lunch ladies cook with love our PTO is wonderful and feel like teachers really care about their stutents. Lowellville is small but its mighty and I love being a lowellville rocket.
I liked the atmosphere and the relationship I have with my teachers. I also like the size of the school, it is very small and I am able to have a good relationship with all of my fellow classmates. Also, all of my family has graduated from this high school so it is very special to me.
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The administration at this school is very poor. It is a small school so there are no opportunities for students.
I have went to Lowellville for 7 years and within the past 7 years we have had a lot of administrative changes. I don't feel like I am getting the most of my high school experience at Lowellville due to some of the small pointless rules they have set. They're more worried about what color socks we where than the actual important things that need done. The teachers are all really nice and most of them have been there for many years. We also have the best guidance counselors who really do anything for us. Lowellville doesn't have many behavioral issues and I feel very safe there. I know that as soon as teachers hear something about bullying they're taking care of the situation.
A very close knit school, but focuses too much on politics. That focus oftentimes gets in the way of more important matters. Good sports and band programs with good coaching and teaching staff members.
Lowellville is a very welcoming community. Many alumni have become doctors and are in many more successful careers. Teachers love to work one on one and will always help you whenever you need it.
Lowellville Local Schools is a great place to send your children. Their teachers are always helping the students and very good with hands on learning. The students feel very safe here. You are always able to do more than one sport or activities and you make a lot of friends.
I moved to Lowellville starting my junior year in high school and I could tell you that it was not an easy transition. Moving to another state and school halfway through my high school life. Leaving my family and friends was the worse part about it. Now I'm a senior in Lowellville and my graduating class consist of around 40 kids. If I could change some things about my school it would be the uniforms and how small it is. Coming from a school where my graduating class was 300 to now 40 was a huge cultural shock and I would at least want to feel comfortable going to school wearing whatever I wanted. I could say the academics in our school are great they focus a lot around preparing you for life out of high school and getting you ready for college and our teachers are amazing there's not a single teacher who I have/had who I would not feel comfortable talking to. The overall experience I've had at Lowellville I would say I give it a 3 out of 5.
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