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Through twelve years in the district, I have had the opportunity to see much of what makes Loveland Loveland. Teachers are dedicated to their students-- my chemistry teacher for 10 and 12th grade worked too much to make sure we knew what we were doing, I swear-- and all of the opportunities I have had outside of the classroom have been amazing as well. While 90% of the teachers I have had have been knowledgeable and challenge their students, there are some teachers that teach the bare minimum and don't engage their students in class. Unfortunately, these are also teachers that every student at Loveland has to have to fill graduation requirements, so they stand out from the majority of amazing teachers.

Recently, the district has failed to have two levies pass in the same school year. This has led to the elimination of 25-35 positions and the pausing of a district renovation plan. This has impacted students because different teachers are learning subjects brand new to them too.
Loveland high school has only been a good experience for me. It has given me the opportunity to be well diverse in many fields of interest. The staff is very supportive to people that are trying to broaden their knowledge or to get out of their comfort zone to try something new!
This school has many great teachers and loads of community. The high schoolers really get a full high school experience.
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They spend way more money on sports programs and unnecessary things than they do on computers, music, or the arts. Money distribution and budgeting efficiently are not their strong points. Otherwise, there are great opportunities and some wonderful programs and career developing classes.
I like how it’s such a big school but when you walk down the hall you know everyone. I really like our athletic program and how each sport is connected with giving each other gifts/cards. I really like all the teachers who encourage us to try our best! The lunch room is a really fun place where we can have our break in the day and eat and talk to our friends, I like having circle tables. Our guidance office is really great, they’re always open to see someone about any issue. They also will change your schedule Really quick if you have a problem with it. I like how my school is separated by classes (math, science, English, history section) this makes it easier to find where classes are. The show choir puts on performances during school and that is always fun! Overall, I just really like how inclusive our school is and how we have the attitude that we will all get through everything together.
The teachers at Loveland were very helpful in all aspects. I also feel that on sports teams students were very well treated and it felt like a community. I will miss my experiences at Loveland because administration made sure to give us opportunities to try new things.
Overall, it is a good school. There are many friendly people across the school district. I don't have too many negatives for this school. I feel safe at this school and have been treated well throughout the years. I feel that most of my teachers have prepared me for the next step, for me, that's college and then a job.
I like the fact that we are prepared for all the challenges we have to face such as AP tests and papers and tests needed for college. The science program at this school is very good with teachers that prepare you for what you enjoy doing such as our biotech program where students will be able to work with crisper which is used to change DNA. The arts and music we have at loveland are also very good we have one of the best show choirs in the country and a very good marching band as well. This school is definitely recommended and you will have an enjoyable experience here
It is a very good school academically, but it is not very diverse. In my grade there is about two or three African American students and a couple Asian, one or two middle eastern students and a few hispanic.
I went here all 13 years and it was an overall okay experience. I was involved in a few clubs and sports during my time here and I enjoyed my experiences thoroughly. I think the biggest thing we lack is diversity but that isn't a loveland problem necessarily. We have some of the best teachers who actually care about your success and do everything in their power to help you succeed. We have amazing music and arts programs that thrive because of parent participation and student passion. We are very blessed. We have a number of good sports teams as well and have won numerous state titles throughout the years.
Loveland City School District is great, the faculty all care a ton about the success of the students at all ages. The cafeteria food may not be super exciting, but what school has good lunch options? The high school football team has rarely won a game, but the fans that show up (to any game) are always excited to be there. It's an exciting atmosphere for sports teams.
We are in the top of the Cincinnati area in academics and athletics. Every state comparison puts us at the top of measurable lists.
I thought the math, technology, and science classes are very diverse for many students. The biggest thing that was needed was a bigger school. Classes are getting bigger and eventually a new school will have to be built or an expansion will need to be made.
fine teachers, no diversity, good selection of classes, good extracurricular opportunities but most of the sports teams are average
Loveland has excellent teachers and guidance counselors. The guidance counselors help students to success and truly care about each student!
Is a good school but is run down and needs to be upgraded. There as well is not a lot of space in the school so some teachers have to move from classroom to classroom. I also wish there were more classes that would help with everyday things and for the future. Overall a decent high school.
Great teachers who are very passionate about what they do. In addition, the building is very well-lit and it has a good environment.
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Loved the teachers and staff, lovely school and district. Needs to have bigger school buildings although.
It’s an okay school. Education and classes are great. Some teachers are amazing and truly care about their students. Some only want the tests to be passed and to have them leave. Athletics is the biggest point of concentration. Nothing else really matters to the administration.
Mold in some ceilings and bathrooms are sub-par.
Loveland is a good school with extremely friendly people and little to no large issues such as drugs or weapons, but there is definitely a discrepancy between the science and arts programs. Like any other school you have to deal with both good and bad teachers as well as after school sports programs and clubs.
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